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Maryland Independent - - Community Forum - Cassie San­drovich, Brandy­wine

On Thurs­day, July 28, I was re­turn­ing home from run­ning er­rands. It was a very hot day, I was stuck in traf­fic on Crain High­way on the far left lane go­ing toward Brandy­wine where I live. The traf­fic was stopped in front of the PNC Bank. I was a lit­tle bit un­com­fort­able be­cause my car was sound­ing a lit­tle rough.

The light turned green, I stepped on the gas, but my car would not move. I tried pump­ing the gas, but the car kept sput­ter­ing. I put on my “flasher,” rolled down my win­dows, pan­icked a lit­tle, put my hands up, and all of a sud­den to my right, a man came out of nowhere on foot. He came over and gave me in­struc­tions in what to do. Then, he ran out right in front of four lanes of traf­fic that started to move and yelled loudly, wav­ing his arms “stop,” “stop.” The traf­fic im­me­di­ately stopped. Then a woman and her hus­band were to the left of me in their car. She said, “My hus­band is go­ing to help.” The other gentle­man came back, told me how to nav­i­gate my car and both men pushed me straight across Crain High­way. Not one per­son honked or tried to go around us.

The man to my right geared me right into Jiffy Lube where he works. The other man left. I was so upset I didn’t even see him go. I am so grate­ful for his help. The other gentle­man from Jiffy Lube con­tin­ued to be kind. I went into Jiffy Lube to call AAA. Every­one looked at me and said, “Ma’am, are you all right?” They were all amaz­ing.

The tow truck came to trans­port me and my car to AAA in Brandy­wine, where my son picked me up. The tow truck driver was a nice young man that was very kind and help­ful in get­ting me in and out of the cab of the tow truck.

Thank you to all in­volved. Tony, the tow truck driver, the man and his wife, my son Jeff, and most of all Derek from Jiffy Lube, who was truly my guardian an­gel and my hero for the day.

Thank you every­one, not only for your help, but for the kind­ness dis­played be­hind the help.

Derek, hope you en­joyed the brown­ies and choco­late cook­ies I made for you straight from my heart. A very small to­ken of ap­pre­ci­a­tion. You’re a good man.

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