Be afraid of real threats, not per­ceived ones

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So, while I don’t agree with those who think a woman’s right to choose is wrong or those who think armed cit­i­zens would be ef­fec­tive in com­bat­ing ter­ror­ism, I can un­der­stand their po­si­tions. What I can’t un­der­stand are those who think that peo­ple who dress like women or men shouldn’t use the women’s or men’s re­strooms un­less they were born fe­male or male.

First, and most practically, who is go­ing to be check­ing the per­son who en­ters the re­stroom? If we had no laws on this, a per­son who dresses like a man or a woman has been and as far as I can tell will al­ways be able to use the re­stroom they pre­fer. Makes no dif­fer­ence if they are trans­ves­tites or trans­sex­u­als; if they have had surgery or not to al­ter their phys­i­cal and emo­tional make up, they have been and will con­tinue to use the re­stroom they pre­fer. If some­one dressed as a woman walked into a re­stroom I was us­ing, I would tell them they are in the wrong place. I wouldn’t ask to have them ver­ify their sex.

Se­condly, I don’t un­der­stand why any­one thinks that a man who dresses like a woman or a man who be­came a woman poses a threat to fe­males, in or out of a re­stroom. It seems that we have ev­i­dence that men pose hourly threats to women and girls given the fre­quency of crimes against women and girls by men. But, I can’t recall ever read­ing about a trans­ves­tite or a trans­gen­der per­son at­tack­ing a woman or girl any­where — and es­pe­cially not in a re­stroom.

There are lots of things that we should be afraid of. Ven­omous spi­ders and snakes, an armed an­gry per­son, ex­plo­sions, earthquakes, cli­mate change, Stephen Stras­burg be­ing put on the DL. Be­ing afraid of men dress­ing like women, or trans­sex­u­als or of what such peo­ple might do has no ba­sis in fact. Wil­liam Wet­more, Waldorf

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