Trump’s change may not be the kind Amer­ica wants

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Don­ald Trump came across as very un­pre­pared for the first pres­i­den­tial de­bate last Mon­day. It seems like de­spite the ef­forts of his team of ad­vi­sors, Trump just couldn’t bring him­self to take the time to learn about im­por­tant is­sues that might be needed to do well in the de­bate. Is it that he is lazy, or is he just un­able to fo­cus long enough to learn some things he may need to know for the de­bate and to be pres­i­dent? His lack of knowl­edge about the world is stag­ger­ing for some­one who is try­ing to com­pete at this level.

This just re­in­forces the im­pres­sion most peo­ple have of him as not just be­ing un­qual­i­fied and un­pre­pared, but be­ing a lit­tle un­hinged. The lan­guage he uses is so ju­ve­nile and his man­ner­isms sort of strange. What was that sniff­ing/ snif­fling all about? I think he was very ner vous, if not scared to death. Prob­a­bly re­al­iz­ing too late how un­pre­pared he really was. And to think he de­nied the next day that he was even sniff­ing, blam­ing it all on his faulty mic. Who does he think he is kid­ding? Is this what they mean when they say he lives in an al­ter­nate uni­verse?

He crit­i­cizes Hil­lar y Clin­ton for rep­re­sent­ing the sta­tus quo. He wants peo­ple to think he rep­re­sents change. But be care­ful what you wish for. His kind of change may not be the change that you want. We are pretty much out of the great re­ces­sion and the econ­omy is show­ing many signs of im­prove­ment. Un­em­ploy­ment is down and wages are up. Health care costs are down. Com­pared to the prob­lems Europe still has, Amer­ica is do­ing quite well (even though the Repub­li­cans would never ad­mit that). Look at the stock mar­ket re­cently.

There is still work to do, but I feel Hil­lar y Clin­ton is in a much bet­ter po­si­tion to pro­tect these gains we’ve made un­der Pres­i­dent Obama. There are those who look at a glass of wa­ter and see it half full, while a more pes­simistic per­son sees it half empty. Hil­lar y sees the world as an op­ti­mist, al­ways look­ing for ward with hope for a brighter fu­ture, the glass half full. Trump looks back­ward with a view of our world that is dark and hope­less. In fact, he fix­ates on the neg­a­tiv­ity of any­thing or any­one other than him­self and thinks that he is the only one who can fix it. He sees the half-empty glass. Which kind of pres­i­dent do we want? The an­swer should be a no-brainer. Mar­cia K. Pol­ing, La Plata

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