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As we go to the polls next Tues­day, to elect the next Pres­i­dent of the United States, as well as many Se­na­tors and Con­gress­men, I would like to ex­press my thoughts about the choices we, as Amer­i­cans, have to make. This is, without ques­tion, the sin­gle most im­por­tant elec­tion in Amer­i­can his­tory. This choice will de­ter­mine the di­rec­tion Amer­ica takes mov­ing for­ward, and the Amer­ica our chil­dren will have to live in. This elec­tion should not be about friv­o­lous, mud­sling­ing is­sues that re­ally do not mat­ter, but, should be about the core is­sues that will de­ter­mine what kind of Amer­ica we leave to our chil­dren. The truth is, this elec­tion is not about Democrats ver­sus Repub­li­cans. It is, in my

hum­ble opin­ion, about a very ba­sic dif­fer­ence in the be­liefs and philoso­phies of those two par­ties, and the peo­ple who sup­port one ver­sus the other.

We have two can­di­dates for pres­i­dent: Hil­lary Clin­ton and Don­ald Trump. They have strongly di­ver­gent views on what Amer­ica should be go­ing for­ward.

On the one hand, we have, by her own ac­count, a lib­eral, ca­reer politi­cian, who feels that Amer­ica should have open borders, should grant im­mu­nity/ cit­i­zen­ship to the es­ti­mated 5 mil­lion

il­le­gal im­mi­grants who are al­ready in the coun­try, should al­low 100,000 refugees to come to Amer­ica without any kind of vet­ting, should con­tinue to fund Planned Par­ent­hood which pro­motes abor­tions, should con­tinue with Oba­macare, which is ex­pect­ing in­creases in pre­mi­ums of 20-110 per­cent

next year alone, should in­crease fed­eral in­come taxes, should al­low same sex mar­riage, should con­tinue with Com­mon Core teach­ing of our youth, which has pro­duced chil­dren who do not mea­sure up to the chil­dren in other na­tions, should con­tinue with the Iran nu­clear deal, and should sup­port NAFTA and other trade agree­ments which have proven to be detri­men­tal to our coun­try. Un­der the cur­rent, Demo­cratic pres­i­dent, who Hil­lary wants to em­u­late, the U.S. deficit has bal­looned to $14 tril­lion. Ad­di­tion­ally, Hil­lary wants to fur­ther re­duce our mil­i­tary’s strength and num­bers, and has es­poused her be­lief that if we just ‘be nice’ to the dic­ta­tors, despots, and ter­ror­ist regimes around the world, then they will be nice to us in re­turn. Ad­di­tion­ally, Hil­lary has shown by her ac­tions, in­clud­ing aban­don­ing our brave men in Beng­hazi, “bleach-bit­ting” her e-mail

servers af­ter be­ing or­dered to pro­vide all of her e-mails to in­ves­ti­ga­tors, ly­ing un­der oath, and re­fus­ing to an­swer sim­ple yes or no ques­tions be­fore Congress, that she is only con­cerned about one thing, and it is not Amer­ica. She is only con­cerned about what is best for Hil­lary.

On the other hand, we have a bil­lion­aire busi­ness­man, who has cho­sen to tem­po­rar­ily set aside his busi­ness deal­ings in or­der to pur­sue the of­fice of pres­i­dent. He be­lieves that Amer­ica needs to change course, and wants to put an end to the sta­tus quo, by re­turn­ing Amer­ica to a govern­ment by the peo­ple and for the peo­ple. He wants to elim­i­nate govern­ment waste, do away with bur­den­some govern­ment reg­u­la­tions, and free up busi­nesses to gen­er­ate more jobs for Amer­i­cans. He wants to rene­go­ti­ate our trade deals to make them bet­ter for Amer­ica, and the Amer­i­can worker. He wants to bring jobs back to Amer­ica by mak­ing a level play­ing field for busi­nesses in Amer­ica. He wants to build a strong mil­i­tary to de­fend Amer­ica. He wants to make sure that our vet­er­ans are well taken care of, and not for­got­ten for their ser­vice to our coun­try. He wants to de­fund Planned Par­ent­hood, and wants women to make the de­ci­sion about hav­ing a baby be­fore they go into the bed­room, not at the abor­tion clinic. He wants to rene­go­ti­ate the hor­ri­ble trade deals that have caused Amer­ica to lose not only jobs, but en­tire in­dus­tries, and bring those jobs back to Amer­ica, and Amer­i­can work­ers. He wants to close our borders, and de­port all of those who are in our coun­try il­le­gally, while still be­ing true to Amer­ica’s legacy by al­low­ing im­mi­grants to ap­ply for le­gal ad­mis­sion, and cit­i­zen­ship, and care­fully vet­ting any­one who ap­plies for im­mi­grat­ing into Amer­ica. He wants to re­peal Oba­macare . He wants to work on re­duc­ing our na­tional debt, and wants to make sure that Congress stops raid­ing the So­cial Se­cu­rity fund for their own pur­poses, and make So­cial Se­cu­rity sol­vent go­ing for­ward. He wants to bring back the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem that served this Coun­try so well for so many decades and do away with Com­mon Core cur­ricu­lums. Mr. Trump has cer­tainly said some ill-ad­vised things, things he has re­gret­ted say­ing, but none of us are per­fect, and nei­ther is he. But, the bot­tom line is, he speaks the truth, whether po­lit­i­cally cor­rect or not, and that is what Amer­ica needs mov­ing for­ward. Per­haps the big­gest rea­son I see for vot­ing for Mr. Trump, is that he truly loves Amer­ica, and he is not be­holden of any­one or any­thing, other than to turn Amer­ica back into a coun­try of val­ues, morals, honor, hon­esty, hard work, strength and re­spect.

One last thing for you to con­sider be­fore you vote. The next pres­i­dent will likely ap­point at least two, if not three, or per­haps even four, Supreme Court jus­tices. Those ap­point­ments will de­ter­mine the court’s decisions for many, many years, and the ques­tion you have to ask your­self is: What kind of Supreme Court do you want for your chil­dren’s Amer­ica? God bless you, and God bless Amer­ica.

Bill Beavers III, White Plains

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