A two-state solution

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Sec­re­tary John Kerry, here’s a vi­able “Two State Solution” that can quite pos­si­bly be made to hap­pen in very short or­der, per­haps just be­fore you lib­er­als leave of­fice, if you move quickly: Pres­sure the Egyp­tians, Saudis, Syr­i­ans, Jor­da­ni­ans and/or Le­banese, whoso­ever you will, to sim­ply set aside an ac- com­mo­dat­ingly sized suit­able par­cel of real es­tate for their brothers, the Pales­tini­ans.

Should they be re­luc­tant or op­posed to re­spond to your di­rec­tives, you can al­ways re­sort to ul­ti­ma­tums and pompous of­fen­sive neg­a­tiv­ity as you just did with Is­rael.

With your scheme in hand for such land to be parceled-out on be­half of those so op­pressed and with­out a na­tion flag of their own to proudly raise with due recog­ni­tion, you can take to the podium of the (hope­fully, soon un­funded) United Na­tions. You can then gas-bag your way through an hour’s worth of stern faced propos­ing, be­rat­ing and sting­ing re­buke till sud­denly the na­tion mem­bers awake from ap­a­thy, and un­der tear­ful duress, be moved in sup­port of your will. They will gal­lantly ren­der a unan­i­mous two thumbs-up ap­proval of your force­ful men­tal marvel.

Ig­nor­ing Is­rael’s re­cent wounds in­flicted via our own de­ceit­ful ef­forts at un­seat­ing Prime Min­is­ter Ne­tanyahu, with Pales­tinian state­hood fi­nally ap­proved, you and yours can sep­a­rate your­selves from Is­rael and leave her to gov­ern her­self as she sees fit. You know, much like we do here in Amer­ica. The Is­raeli peo­ple can then tend to their own ev­ery­day busi­ness at hand. And that be­ing stay­ing alive in the face of con­stant hos­til­ity with the al­most daily threat to or ac­tual oc­cur­rence of may­hem and ter­ror­ism. Said acts and/or em­bold­ened threats such as em­anate from those hate­ful en­ti­ties pre­fer- ring to deny her 1948 es­tab­lished right to even ex­ist, re­fus­ing fur­ther to rec­og­nize her capi­tol, Jerusalem, the soon to be home of our U.S. em­bassy.

You should know, Mr. Sec­re­tary, the Holy One of Is­rael de­creed cer­tain edicts that have been in place since the holy land was ini­tially en­trusted to its orig­i­nal in­tended in­hab­i­tants by name via the Abra­hamic covenant. Ac­cord­ing to God’s Word, the land is not to be di­vided as it is the Almighty’s prop­erty as promised and given over to the Jews, specif­i­cally, as its per­pet­ual care­tak­ers. Fur­ther, please note the Lord’s stern warn­ing to po­ten­tial ad­ver­saries and un­due crit­ics of the Jewish peo­ples: “And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee and in thee shall all fam­i­lies of the Earth be blessed” Ge­n­e­sis 12:3, of your own Holy Bi­ble.

Not too long ago, you ex­claimed “we’re not blind and I don’t think we’re stupid.” Thus, re­spect­fully, af­ter eight long years of ut­ter lib­eral dom­i­nance in con­cert with oblig­ing me­dia, here’s your last op­por­tu­nity to prove it. So move quickly now as your ad­min­is­tra­tion’s high hand­ed­ness is wan­ing and get this re­al­is­tic new land for peace deal se­cured. There’s a new leader ar­riv­ing in Wash­ing­ton very shortly, one who is un­abashedly non PC and will­ing to stick be­side our great ally, Is­rael, fall­out or no. Our other wary friends will soon take re­lieved no­tice, along with our ad­ver­saries, i.e., ISIS. Mr. Sec­re­tary, your ad­min­is­tra­tion’s dress-down of Is­rael and Rus­sian off­set now pur­posely leaves two more dead cats flat­tened and in need of scrap­ing up. Such adds to the high stack of de­ci­sive ac­tions to be un­der­taken via Pres­i­dent-elect Don­ald J. Trump to Make Amer­ica Great Again. Lord will­ing, this can all hap­pen and with great aplomb. Ch­ester M. Se­aborn Jr., Me­chan­icsville

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