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SMART ME­TERS ARE SMART Smart me­ters com­mu­ni­cate. Smart me­ters tell SMECO how much en­ergy you use, when your power goes out and when it comes back on, when volt­age is too high, and when volt­age is too low.

Smart me­ters im­prove ef­fi­ciency.

Smart me­ters re­duce the time it takes to read me­ters from hours to min­utes. Au­to­mated ca­pa­bil­i­ties can cur­tail un­nec­es­sary trips, elim­i­nate travel time, save gas, re­duce emis­sions, and pro­vide an im­me­di­ate re­sponse.

Smart me­ters save money.

SMECO will save on op­er­a­tional costs for la­bor and trans­porta­tion and in­crease em­ployee safety.

Smart me­ters in­crease re­li­a­bil­ity.

Smart me­ters re­port power prob­lems and out­ages when they oc­cur, pro­vid­ing SMECO with the data needed to en­hance cus­tomer ser­vice. SMART ME­TERS ARE SE­CURE You have con­trol. Smart me­ters mea­sure the en­ergy use of the whole house, just like a stan­dard me­ter. Smart me­ters can­not mea­sure the en­ergy use of in­di­vid­ual ap­pli­ances in your house, and SMECO’s smart me­ters can­not be used to con­trol your ap­pli­ances.

Smart me­ters are se­cure.

Smart me­ters em­ploy sev­eral tech­niques to en­force se­cu­rity, in­clud­ing data en­cryp­tion, and they op­er­ate on SMECO’s se­cure and pri­vate ra­dio network.

Your pri­vacy is pro­tected.

SMECO cur­rently has cy­ber se­cu­rity plans and pri­vacy poli­cies in place to pro­tect cus­tomer data. And, be­cause your pri­vacy is im­por­tant to us, SMECO’s pri­vacy pol­icy pre­vents cus­tomer data from be­ing sold to a third party. SMART ME­TERS ARE SAFE Com­mu­ni­ca­tion=1/10 sec­ond. SMECO’s smart me­ters use ra­dio waves to com­mu­ni­cate with a brief pulse—just a few sec­onds per day.

Ex­tremely low out­put.

To trans­mit data, smart me­ters use a very low wattage, much less than a cell phone, cord­less phone, or baby mon­i­tor.

Dis­tance de­creases strength.

When a smart me­ter trans­mits data, most of the out­put is di­rected away from the house, and as the dis­tance in­creases, the sig­nal strength de­creases.


If you have any ques­tions, please call our cus­tomer care rep­re­sen­ta­tives at 1-888-440-3311 or visit get­tings­marter.

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