Who asked Hol­ly­wood to weigh in?

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Hol­ly­wood is the Fan­tasy Is­land of opin­ion­ated “celebri­ties” who are not “celebri­ties” be­cause they con­trib­uted to world peace, cured se­ri­ous ill­nesses or in any way ben­e­fited mankind other than to tickle the emo­tions and trans­port us from re­al­ity for an hour or two by pre­tend­ing to be some­one they are not. They earn megabucks for hav­ing a good mem­ory and good makeup artists, for their abil­ity to take di­rec­tion and for mak­ing “ap­pear­ances” in de­signer frocks to main­tain the en­chant­ment of their “star sta­tus.”

Their self-in­dul­gent lifestyles are to­tally un­re­lated to any­thing the av­er­age Amer­i­can calls life, but they feel jus­ti­fied in mak­ing pub­lic state­ments as to how we should think — or even vote, for that mat­ter.

The amaz­ing thing is they ac­tu­ally be­lieve we should care what they think. The Hol­ly­wood en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try is a like-minded com­mu­nity of peo­ple who have the au­dac­ity to deem them­selves an au­thor­ity on what’s right and wrong in our so­ci­ety, re­gard­less of how many of them proudly sport the mo­rals of al­ley cats. More­over, they feel it’s their re­spon­si­bil­ity to hold peo­ple liv­ing in the real world ac­count­able to their per­cep­tion as to what’s good, bad or ugly.

Thank their pub­li­cists and the lib­eral me­dia for en­cour­ag­ing that no­tion as they hang on ev­ery quote in quest of news and of­ten hype to ad­vance their own agenda. They’ve helped to con­vince th­ese celebri­ties they are or­a­cles of knowl­edge to whom the countr y should give ear off the screen, as if their per­cep­tions of truth are more valid than even those found in the Bi­ble.

The un­real Hol­ly­wood celebrity life­style, the amoral­ity they em­brace and their ig­no­rance of nav­i­gat­ing the real world rel­e­gates the en­ter­tain­ment com­mu­nity to the sta­tus of a poor re­source for guid­ance in so­cial or po­lit­i­cal mat­ters that af­fect our lives and well-be­ing.

A clos­ing word about award cer­e­monies: They are to rec­og­nize the suc­cess of playing a role in a con­vinc­ing man­ner; they are not a plat­form for the coun­try’s brain trust, which Hol­ly­wood celebri­ties are not, to voice their po­lit­i­cal opin­ions to an au­di­ence who couldn’t care less about what they think. C.A. Grim­stead, Dunkirk

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