Small act of kind­ness mat­ters

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As I was driv­ing to work this morn­ing (Jan. 27) on Route 234 near Penns Hill Road, a long, dark blue pickup made a rather silly U-turn in front of me. I didn’t un­der­stand the rash­ness of the move.

About 1/4 mile up the road, I see a lump in the road so I pull over to the shoul­der to by­pass the item. As I pass it, I see it is a live bunny just lay­ing in the road. I look in the rearview mir­ror and the gen­tle­man in the pickup pulls up on the shoul­der, gets out of his truck, picks up the rab­bit and car­ries it into the woods.

I just wanted to thank that man for his lit­tle ran­dom act of kind­ness. He cer­tainly got my day off to a pos­i­tive start!

Robert Ramos, Char­lotte Hall

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