Does some­one need a chill pill?

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For the last sev­eral days, New York Se­na­tor Charles (Chuck) Schumer (D) has been freak­ing out over Pres­i­dent Trump’s most re­cent ex­ec­u­tive or­der. Said tem­po­rary or­der bans in­com­ing im­mi­grants from seven pri­mar­ily Mus­lim hot-spot na­tions for a mere 90 days. The de­ci­sive ac­tion was un­der­taken out of con­cern for the safety of the Amer­i­can peo­ple and amounts to but a minor in­con­ve­nience, a slow­down of those non-cit­i­zens de­sir­ing to en­ter the USA. Im­ple­mented out of ne­ces­sity, the ban is pur­posed to now al­low the U.S. ad­e­quate op­por­tu­nity to em­ploy ex­treme vet­ting, again, for se­cu­rity’s sake, as the last ad­min­is­tra­tion’s process proved lack­ing.

Schumer’s melt­down had him de­scrib­ing tears flow­ing down the cheeks from a very renowned inan­i­mate ob­ject, the Statue of Lib­erty on New York’s Lib­erty Is­land. To date, how­ever, it re­mains un­sure whether para­nor­mal au­thor­i­ties have ver­i­fied the ve­rac­ity of his sighting. And now, in con­cert with the lady’s, he’s weep­ing his own way into your heart. Serv­ing as mi­nor­ity party leader of the U.S. Se­nate, Schumer’s bizarre com­pre­hen­sion of facts with ex­ag­ger­ated an­i­ma­tion has ig­nited lib­eral me­dia and se­lect other demo­crat politi­cos, while of ne­ces­sity pro­vok­ing con­ve­niently avail­able left­ist mal­con­tents to­gether with those of sim­ply good will.

Among those an­grily be­wail­ing Trump’s or­ders are the same old sad sack “rent a demon­stra­tors.” Such are those re­port­edly em­ployed by one Mr. Soros, the same source said to be re­spon­si­ble for myr­iad un­civil de­struc­tive and phys­i­cally as­sault­ing acts oc­cur­ring all too of­ten since the elec­tion of Amer­ica’s 45th pres­i­dent. Likely un­der or­ders to stand down, law en­force­ment ap­pears to have grown slack in crack­ing down on acts of pur­posed un­civil be­hav­ior. Thus, to clip the wings of the hired faith­ful, it’s time the IRS steps in to in­ves­ti­gate the mat­ter of un­re­ported pay­roll de­duc­tions. You can bet the farm no fed­eral taxes, no state taxes and no So­cial Se­cu­rity funds are be­ing paid ei­ther by em­ployer or em­ploy­ees. And while ev­ery­one else pays their le­gal fair share of taxes, like it or no, what per­mits a pur­posed scofflaw the right to re­tain all of their wages with no such earnings to be re­ported on their end of year fil­ing doc­u­ments. In days past, the IRS took down a much smarter, highly in­flu­en­tial and larger-than-life Al Capone for in­come tax eva­sion. Re­gard­less of one’s stature, tax law de­mands equal ap­pli­ca­tion to­day.

Hy­per left­ists, Hol­ly­wood elit­ists and lib­eral me­dia should know their com­mon clos­ing of ranks with re­peated taunts of racism here, there and now in­her­ent via this ex­ec­u­tive or­der is just not valid nor shared by the ma­jor­ity of this na­tion. The same pierc­ing eyes of the Statue of Lib­erty is en­vi­sioned by in­nu­mer­able oth­ers as ex­claim­ing a sim­ple yet ef­fec­tive warn­ing — “Be ye there­fore wise as ser­pents, and harm­less as doves.” The minor in­con­ve­nience of this pres­i­dent’s ex­ec­u­tive or­der in no way di­min­ishes the great lady’s his­tor­i­cal stance as she still re­quests to re­ceive the down and out­ers of the world. Thank­fully, how­ever, she now fur­ther serves to warn a once God-fear­ing, Christ hon­or­ing, Con­sti­tu­tion abid­ing na­tion to think. In so do­ing, via ex­treme vet­ting, Home­land Se­cu­rity, and oth­ers, can bet­ter elim­i­nate those at­tempt­ing en­trance here whose hearts are dark with malev­o­lence and hate to­wards Amer­i­cans. By God’s grace, hope­fully, de­struc­tion, may­hem and star­tling un­timely death to in­no­cents can be averted. Pres­i­dent Trump is to be com­mended for his ef­forts by all con­cerned cit­i­zens. Mean­while, se­na­tor, buck-up, dole out tax­payer funded chill pills to the fren­zied and quit the tears. Ch­ester M. Se­aborn Jr., Me­chan­icsville

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