Trump is pro­tect­ing our na­tion

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When the Rev. Charles Hof­facker de­fends the vi­o­lent mob of an­ar­chists that op­pose a law­ful and demo­crat­i­cally elected pres­i­dent (Mary­land In­de­pen­dent, “Tyranny re­spects no one,” Feb. 3), he be­comes a tool of the “tyranny” of the fas­cist left.

Pres­i­dent Don­ald J. Trump is us­ing the power given to him by the Con­sti­tu­tion to pro­tect our na­tion from il­le­gal aliens and Is­lamic ter­ror­ists that want to hurt and kill peo­ple like us. Has he learned noth­ing from Sept. 11, from the Bos­ton Marathon, from Fort Hood, from the Bat­a­clan Mas­sacre, from San Bernardino, from Or­lando?

ISIS is us­ing the Syr­ian refugee cri­sis to in­fil­trate western coun­tries and wreak havoc on us all. They want to bring Sharia Law. Sharia Law op­presses women by mak­ing them vul­ner­a­ble to “honor” killings, ston­ing and rape. Sharia Law also com­mands that ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity be pun­ished by death. And that the so-called “in­fi­del” Chris­tian, Jews, Hin­dus, Bud­dhists and those whom cease to be­lieve in Is­lam are killed. It is com­manded by the Qu­ran, “And slay them wher­ever you come upon them, and ex­pel them from where they ex­pelled you; per­se­cu­tion is more griev­ous than slay­ing ... Fight them, till there is no per­se­cu­tion and the re­li­gion is God’s then if they give over, there shall be no en­mity save for evil­do­ers” (Qu­ran 2:191,192,193).

I am a proud Trump sup­porter that knows what true tyranny looks like. I lived un­der the tyranny of the left­ists for eight years. The same left­ists that sup­ported Ha­mas, Hugo Chavez, the Cas­tro brothers, the Iran Nu­clear deal, the drone strikes in the Mid­dle East and the rise of ter­ror­ist or­ga­ni­za­tions like the Mus­lim Brother­hood and ISIS.

Also, the rev­erend quotes Martin Niemoller, a sup­porter of Adolf Hitler. Niemoller en­abled Hitler to gain power in Ger­many. The same way the rev­erend seems to be an en­abler to the fas­cist and op­pres­sive left that wishes to silent the true bear­ers of free­dom, lib­erty, truth and jus­tice. Mon­ser­rate Cruz, Wal­dorf

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