Maybe rein­car­na­tion is not so bad

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We sure are a lot alike when we are born. Peo­ple like to say we are all equal, but things change as we grow older. Peo­ple just don’t think alike. Look at the politics to­day. We are so far apart that there is no mid­dle.

We also think dif­fer­ently about what hap­pens when we pass away. Some think that the ashes to ashes and dust to dust are all there is. Some be­lieve in heaven and hell. Heaven seems to be a real nice con­cept that I would wish to as­cribe to. My prob­lem is that you have to pass through the pearly gates. If there is a gate, then there must be a wall around heaven. To pass through the pearly gates you have to be vet­ted by some­one who has a big book with your name and all about you. I don’t think I can pass.

Rein­car­na­tion may be the thing for me. I like fish, so maybe I could come back as an ea­gle or an osprey. I’m al­ready half­way there. I’m al­ready an old buz­zard. Bill Bartlett, Tall Tim­bers

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