It’s an ad­just­ment in rou­tine, not a tragedy

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It’s a shame that our so­ci­ety has be­come so self-cen­tered and nar­row-minded. It seems any­time some­one doesn’t get their way they need to com­plain, whether it means tak­ing to the streets be­cause they don’t like the re­sults of an elec­tion or com­plain­ing be­cause the lo­cal news­pa­per changes its de­liv­ery sys­tem. As soon as our lit­tle world is in­fringed upon, the “woe is me” kicks in.

With the new sys­tem, the pa­per is avail­able no more than 10 hours later than be­fore. For a com­muter on a tight morn­ing sched­ule, even a one-hour de­lay can ef­fec­tively mean a whop­ping 12-hour de­lay in avail­abil­ity as com­pared to the old sched­ule. For some, wait­ing 12 hours for news events that hap­pened four days ago must be dev­as­tat­ing. I al­ways en­joyed read­ing my lo­cal pa­per on Wed­nes­day and Fri­day morn­ings, so I hope my ther­a­pists can find a way to get me through the tran­si­tion to the new de­liv­ery sched­ule.

I know noth­ing about pub­lish­ing a news­pa­per, but I am sure the man­age­ment looked at var­i­ous op­tions and de­cided mail de­liv­ery was the best al­ter­na­tive. I sus­pect eco­nom­ics was at least part of the de­ci­sion to make the change, but it could also be dif­fi­cult to find peo­ple will­ing to get up in the mid­dle of the night to make home de­liv­er­ies. Af­ter all, that is phys­i­cally hard work done in all weather con­di­tions, and the hours re­ally stink.

I can think of sev­eral other al­ter­na­tives they could have taken. If eco­nom­ics was the is­sue, one is­sue a week would have prob­a­bly worked, or rais­ing the cost of sub­scrip­tions and ad­ver­tis­ing maybe could do the trick. Dis­rupt­ing the sched­ules of their en­tire work­force by chang­ing the days of pub­li­ca­tion would al­low com­muters to read the pa­per on the way to work twice a week, al­beit a day later than be­fore. On the bright side, though, that wouldn’t dis­rupt their Satur­day rou­tine. Chang­ing the time when folks read the pa­per is far more im­por­tant than the loss of in­come the car­ri­ers suf­fered, which wasn’t even men­tioned in a re­cently pub­lished let­ter, but that doesn’t seem to be a con­cern of the com­plain­ers. Poor, poor pi­ti­ful me.

Life is full of tragedies and into each life a lit­tle rain must fall. Since the pub­lish­ers rained on the reader’s pa­rade, I’ll lose my two weekly tran­quil hours and have to suck it up and buy an um­brella, or be pre­pared to get wet. I sus­pect the com­muters will need to do the same. David A. Ryan, Hol­ly­wood

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