Up­set grand­daugh­ter was pre­vented from danc­ing

Maryland Independent - - Community Forum - Rita Pa­cella, White Plains

Re­cently, I at­tended my 5-year-old grand­daugh­ter’s dance recital. She was told she could dance the two rou­tines that she was sched­uled to dance but she was not al­lowed to dance in the Daddy/Daugh­ter dance which was in honor of Father’s Day be­cause she missed the Sun­day re­hearsal be­fore the up­com­ing Satur­day per­for­mance. The owner of the stu­dio said she first had to check with all of the other par­ents to get their ap­proval first in or­der for my grand­daugh­ter to dance the two rou­tines. I am sure the par­ents were sur­prised that they were even con­tacted to make this de­ci­sion.

I as­sumed she did not ask them for the ap­proval to al­low her to dance the Daddy/Daugh­ter dance be­cause they would have cer­tainly said yes. Why would they want to hurt a child? She made the de­ci­sion her­self to keep her out of the dance to use as an ex­am­ple to the par­ents as to what she will not ac­cept in the rea­son­ing for miss­ing that re­hearsal. The rea­son my grand­daugh­ter missed the Sun­day re­hearsal was be­cause our fam­ily was sev­eral hun­dred miles out of state for a death in the fam­ily and we did not come home un­til late, and ever yone was to­tally ex­hausted.

Af­ter the two dances that my grand­daugh­ter was in, my daugh­ter made the wise de­ci­sion for our fam­ily to leave be­fore the Daddy/ Daugh­ter dance came on so that she would not feel bad that she was not on stage with her daddy af­ter they went to all of the other re­hearsals. They knew the dance rou­tines and I am sure they would have done just fine. Af­ter our 10 fam­ily mem­bers left, my friend and I de­cided to re­turn to see that dance to see what she was pre­vented from at­tend­ing not to em­bar­rass the others that she did not at­tend the re­hearsal. From what my friend and I ob­ser ved was a cute rou­tine that my grand­daugh­ter knew ex­actly how to do, daddy too. Not only were they charged an ex­tra fee in or­der to be in that dance, they were also re­quired to pur­chase a white dress, which, by the way, Grammy stayed up un­til 2 a.m. to make the al­ter­ations, which I loved do­ing for my grand­daugh­ter, and that she never had the chance to wear the dress that she was so look­ing for ward to.

This hurt her deeply and it up­set me so much that when I re­turned to watch the dance, I ap­proached the owner’s hus­band and asked him how they could do that to a 5-yearold child. His re­ply was that if they let her do the dance, then next year the others would have an ex­cuse and miss re­hearsal. I told him if a death in a fam­ily is not an ac­cept­able rea­son to miss a re­hearsal then you have poor ethics for run­ning a com­pany. You are deal­ing with hu­man be­ings; life throws you sit­u­a­tions that are above your con­trol. So this just goes to show that they are only in it for the money and the love and con­sid­er­a­tion of the child’s feel­ings does not mat­ter.

So, par­ents, be­ware she will not even con­sider a death as an ex­cuse. What would it take to un­due the hurt that my 5-year-old grand­daugh­ter en­dured. Hurt­ing a child, how heart­less.

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