The mid­dle of the road is the one less trav­eled

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As I have re­cently ob­served the vi­o­lence, chaos, and tur­moil in our cities and around the coun­try, I’m re­minded of some­thing my fa­ther told me: “You don’t hold opin­ions, opin­ions hold you.” I be­lieve that’s true for many peo­ple to­day.

There is a road that we walk down in this life that leads us back to God. When we walk down the mid­dle of the road, we’re close enough to talk to one an­other with­out shout­ing, and we’re able to lis­ten to each other. How­ever, peo­ple on the far right and far left have a hard time hear­ing what the other per­son is say­ing and they tend to shout at each other. God gave us two ears and one mouth, and I as­sume that he wanted us to lis­ten rather than speak.

Peo­ple who walk down the mid­dle of the road will find their way back to God, but peo­ple who walk on the edges of the road will tend to go astray. Many times that road can be bumpy, and walk­ing down the mid­dle we can help each other, but when you’re on the far right and far left you can’t. It’s all right to hold opin­ions as long as you don’t let opin­ions hold you.

Which part of the road do you walk down?

Ron Hunter, Sun­der­land

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