Let’s re­lieve some of the ten­sion around us by look­ing at things ra­tio­nally

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This per­tains to our free­dom of ex­pres­sion. We hear so much about what we must do that it’s no won­der so many sheep don’t re­al­ize they can stand for what they be­lieve in. Every­one has the right to free speech, and that in­cludes ex­pres­sion.

If the pres­i­dent can ex­press him­self, how can he tell oth­ers not to? I be­lieve all the kneel­ing is not a protest against the flag, the na­tional an­them or even Amer­ica, but against Trump’s try­ing to be a dic­ta­tor.

He seems to have a prob­lem with free thinkers and not hav­ing com­plete and to­tal charge. Well, wel­come to Amer­ica.

I don’t agree with all the protests, but as my hus­band said, “I will de­fend their right to dis­agree to my death.” He was Navy to the end.

If every­one were to stand back and just look at things ra­tio­nally, it would re­lieve some of the ten­sion around us. I don’t agree with flag burn­ing or de­fil­ing our flag be­cause it rep­re­sents those who have served and died to give us the right to say no to many things. Please have the re­spect for the flag that the peo­ple who served and are serv­ing de­serve.

Peace­ful protest is al­ways bet­ter than armed or de­struc­tive ac­tions. We are a coun­try built on free­dom, so don’t make it less than that by let­ting the so-called peo­ple in power dic­tate to us — the peo­ple — what we should think, do, or say. Our coun­try is a land of free­dom. Let’s keep it that way.

Sh­eryl Falco, Lex­ing­ton Park

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