A flag does not hate. Peo­ple do.

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The War of the Re­bel­lion was hor­ri­ble and both sides were no an­gels. Til this day, no one can tell you, with­out a doubt, what the war was about. Tar­iffs, states rights, slav­ery, pol­i­tics etc. This is why it still di­vides us to­day.

How­ever, ei­ther way you want to view the war, the bat­tle flag is an ob­ject, it has no feel­ings. The bat­tle flag was a flag to iden­tify South­ern sol­diers in “bat­tle.”

Peo­ple for­get the war started in 1861 and se­ces­sion wasn’t il­le­gal, nor was any­one in the south ever con­victed of trea­son. Con­fed­er­ate Pres­i­dent Jef­fer­son Davis was re­leased May 13, 1867. U.S. Chief Jus­tice Salmon P. Chase found there was noth­ing in the U. S. Con­sti­tu­tion that pro­hib­ited the se­ces­sion of states.

In 1905 and 1906, acts were passed to re­turn all Con­fed­er­ate flags to the South as a sign of unity from the North. Dur­ing and af­ter the war, the bat­tle flag draped Con­fed­er­ate sol­diers coffins at fu­ner­als; it was used for re­unions (Union and Con­fed­er­ate to­gether) and me­mo­rial cer­e­monies. The bat­tle flag is a sym­bol of honor and re­spect for the fallen south­ern sol­diers.

Then the bat­tle flag was stolen from the South­ern peo­ple and put in the hands of ha­tred. The KKK never adopted the bat­tle flag un­til 1939. The Dix­iecrats (Democrats) didn’t use the bat­tle flag un­til 1948. Since then, the flag has grav­i­tated to peo­ple of hate. The Sons of Con­fed­er­ate Vet­er­ans (SCV) have fought against hate groups. They even tried to patent their flag. It is the of­fi­cial pol­icy of the SCV to re­nounce hate groups. The SCV have al­ways re­leased state­ments that they op­pose racist groups. Some­how that gets over­looked. If you think those me­dia pic­tures are the SCV protest­ing, they are not. Some­how our me­dia plays right into the hands of peo­ple that hate. Where’s the me­dia when the SCV finds and cleans ceme­ter­ies or makes ar­range­ments to ded­i­cate a tomb­stone for a col­ored Civil War union or Con­fed­er­ate vet­eran?

Re-en­ac­tors, of any war, are pro­fes­sors, teach­ers, busi­ness­men, politi­cians and a di­ver­sity of pro­fes­sions that study his­tory for years. The Pri­vate Wal­lace Bowl­ing Camp has set up their camp at the fair for over 30 years. There is no ha­tred in those men. They are your neigh­bors. Ge­o­graph­i­cally, our area is rich in his­tory; peo­ple don’t know the his­tory in their own coun­ties. The Bowl­ing Camp has never pro­moted racism or ha­tred at the fair or any other place and never will. Af­ter all th­ese years, have you come to their camp, found out what they do or did you al­ready pre­judge them be­cause of a flag? If you came, you know th­ese gen­tle­men have done many things for the col­ored union and Con­fed­er­ate sol­diers. They have ar­ti­facts and items chil­dren can touch and see what sol­diers used dur­ing the war.

It is so easy to take away the bat­tle flag from peo­ple that do not hate. How­ever, it is harder to take the flag away from peo­ple that use it for hate.

So, if the Pvt. Wal­lace Bowl­ing Camp never ac­cepted or be­lieves the bat­tle flag is a hate sym­bol and do not be­lieve Con­fed­er­ate sol­diers fought to pre­serve slav­ery, then how can any­one say they are a racist hate group. You ac­tu­ally took the flag away from gen­tle­men this year that try to teach peo­ple not to hate. Now, try and take the bat­tle flag away from peo­ple that use it for hate.

Hate is in a per­son’s heart, not in a flag. Christina Dun­bar, La Plata

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