Mayor misses the point, adds to di­vi­sion

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The La Plata mayor misses the prob­lem and adds to the di­vi­sion.

Colin Kaeper­nick and Nike’s tar­get de­mo­graphic group do not seem to un­der­stand what they want to ac­com­plish. Wannabes just want to be no­ticed and be like Colin, but they don’t do any­thing to im­prove the root prob­lem. You can’t just demon­strate you don’t like the USA or law en­force­ment in your com­mu­ni­ties. You just fuel the ha­tred and di­vi­sion in the coun­try. Try do­ing some­thing con­struc­tive.

Pres­i­dent Obama ig­nored his op­por­tu­nity for great­ness by heal­ing the coun­try’s di­vi­sion. Colin may have been demon­strat­ing his dis­plea­sure with both pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates (like most of the coun­try). How­ever, his demon­stra­tion has es­ca­lated to a big­ger di­vi­sion. We now have a large group of young peo­ple who will never un­der­stand pa­tri­o­tism or serve their coun­try.

In my younger years we were proud to be pa­tri­otic. What hap­pened to love of countr y? I’m in my up­per eight­ies and don’t like the ha­tred for the coun­try. My fa­ther, un­cles, brother, my­self, cousins, son and grand­sons all ser ved, and I’m dis­ap­pointed with these hate­ful demon­stra­tors. James Hill, Wel­come

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