Why Is It … A Lie Has Been Told


Why is it that Mus­lims are al­lowed to spread out their mat then kneel and pray in pub­lic, while Chris­tians are told to keep their faith to them­selves?

Why is it that the names of Al­lah, Kr­ishna, Rhea, Ishtar, Zeus, and thou­sands of other deities are al­lowed to be men­tioned pub­licly, but we’re told that the name of Je­sus should be a pri­vate mat­ter?

Why is it so­cially ac­cept­able to holler out the name of Je­sus as a swear word or to use his name in vain, but it is not so­cially ac­cept­able to use his name pub­licly in a wor­ship­ful man­ner?

Why is it that ho­mo­sex­u­als can de­mean, den­i­grate, curse, and threaten a Chris­tian with­out fear of gov­ern­men­tal in­ter­ven­tion and even com­mit van­dal­ism on church build­ings, yet if a Chris­tian merely quotes Bible verses about ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity, it’s called a hate crime?

Why is it that Mus­lims are al­lowed to pub­licly quote the Qu­ran and Hin­dus can openly quote the Vedas, but Chris­tians are told that read­ing the Bible openly is con­sid­ered of­fen­sive, and in­tol­er­ant?

Why are Hin­duism (Yoga, Tran­scen­den­tal Med­i­ta­tion, etc.), Is­lam, Theos­o­phy, and other forms of re­li­gious ac­tiv­ity openly taught and prac­ticed in pub­lic schools, yet Chris­tians are warned not to openly teach or dis­play Chris­tian­ity on pub­lic prop­erty?

Why is it ac­cept­able to pub­licly dis­play hun­dreds of re­li­gious sym­bols and be­liefs, yet Chris­tians are chal­lenged to re­move pub­licly dis­played Chris­tian sym­bols?

Why is it that our na­tion must put aside our foun­da­tional Chris­tian be­liefs in our own land in or­der to not be of­fen­sive, yet ad­her­ents of other re­li­gions — from other coun­tries — have the right to openly dis­play their re­li­gion in our land?

Why is it that Chris­tians in our own coun­try are com­manded to be tol­er­ant of and ac­cept other re­li­gions, but those of other faiths on Amer­i­can soil are not re­quired to be tol­er­ant of Chris­tian­ity?

Why is it that our govern­ment, while tol­er­ant of all other re­li­gions, ex­presses con­tempt for Chris­tian­ity?

Why is it that we spend money to preserve un­born (un­hatched) spot­ted owls, for­est sala­man­ders, and other an­i­mals, while si­mul­ta­ne­ously spend­ing money to kill un­born hu­mans?

Why is it that our own Congress — con­sist­ing of our own United States cit­i­zens — tends to limit or out­law our na­tional free­doms which are guaranteed to our cit­i­zens by our own Con­sti­tu­tion and Bill of Rights, yet they fa­vor grant­ing free­doms to cit­i­zens of for­eign coun­tries who live here il­le­gally?

Why is it that our Congress talks about re­duc­ing the fi­nan­cial sup­port of our own cit­i­zens who have paid into the sys­tem for decades, while in­creas­ing the fi­nan­cial sup­port of for­eign­ers who have not paid into it?

Why does our govern­ment come against Amer­i­cans who stand for the foun­da­tional prin­ci­ples upon which this great na­tion was founded, while they de­fend peo­ple – both U.S. cit­i­zens and for­eign­ers alike – who would de­stroy our na­tional her­itage?

Why is it that Congress and the Supreme Court al­lowed for­mer pres­i­dents to change our na­tion’s val­ues and econ­omy sin­gle-hand­edly, and the pres­i­dent and Congress al­lowed the Court to leg­is­late from the bench, with­out em­ploy­ing the “checks and bal­ances”?

I can go on-and-on, but maybe you get the point. But why is it?

Here’s why. Over the years Amer­ica has been lied to. We have been told that Amer­ica must not of­fend any­one. It doesn’t mat­ter that the world is of­fend­ing us, and it doesn’t mat­ter that our own govern­ment is lim­it­ing our own civil lib­er­ties, free­dom of re­li­gion, free­dom of speech, free­dom of the press, and all the rest. And our Pres­i­dent, Congress, and the Supreme Court seem to be un­aware that our free­doms are be­ing di­luted or deleted. Or is that their in­tent?

Some folk think if we elect the right man for pres­i­dent that things will get bet­ter. I have news for you: even if he makes the cor­rect de­ci­sions, the pres­i­dent can­not do it alone. The anti-Amer­i­can sen­ti­ment crosses po­lit­i­cal bound­aries.

We know that a so­cial­ist or ultra-lib­eral can make things worse; but even a pres­i­dent who ad­heres to tra­di­tional Amer­i­can val­ues can­not help us if we — as a na­tion — won’t re­turn to faith in God. It goes be­yond govern­ment: it’s a mat­ter of spir­i­tual val­ues.

Se­cond Chron­i­cles 7:14 says: “If my peo­ple who are called by my name will humble them­selves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will for­give their sins and heal their land.”

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