‘Get­tin’ In Deep’ And Choos­ing Whom You Serve

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A good crowd gath­ered to wor­ship on a cool fall morn­ing Sun­day at Mill Creek Bap­tist Church. Wayne John­son opened our ser­vice with prayer. Spe­cial prayers were re­quested for Frankie Garvin, Linda Abercrombie, Rod­ney Al­li­son, Dot’s cousin, Su­san’s mother and Shel­ley Hall’s grand­mother’s fam­ily.

Linda Abercrombie gave the de­vo­tion on grief. It is nor­mal to have those feel­ings when deal­ing with grief. As a sur­vivor, you never get used to los­ing a loved one. Deep scars mean deep love and are a tes­ta­ment to that love. Grief comes in waves. It can wipe you out and then you float. In be­tween the waves, there is calm and life. The waves, like grief, get far­ther apart. You get soak­ing wet and hang on to some­thing. You sur­vive and then other waves come. There are lots of scars from lots of love and ship­wrecks.

Rick Lett and Tyrel Lett served as ush­ers and col­lected the of­fer­ing. With Becky John­son at the pi­ano, Karen Gard­ner led the con­gre­ga­tional hymns. We were blessed with spe­cial mu­sic from Jerry Abercrombie, who sang “What A Day That Will Be.”

Our Pas­tor, Brother Mark Hall, read Joshua 24:1-16 and then be­gan God’s mes­sage for us, “Get­tin’ in Deep,” and choos­ing whom you will serve. He be­gan by telling us that be­ing a bor­na­gain church mem­ber is like go­ing to the creek for the first time. Do you wade

Now, there­fore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sin­cer­ity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fa­thers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord!

Joshua 24:14

or just jump in? Which is com­mit­ment and which is a lit­tle in­volve­ment? “A hen lay­ing an egg is in­volve­ment, but a pig made into sausage is a com­mit­ment. There is a dif­fer­ence be­tween in­volve­ment and com­mit­ment.

When it comes to serv­ing God, are you com­mit­ted or in­volved? Life is about choices. You choose to come to church or you choose not to come.

Some choices are easy, some are not and some re­quire think­ing and prayer. We are who we are to­day be­cause of the choices we made yes­ter­day. The choices we make to­day have an im­pact on the de­ci­sions we make to­mor­row. They make a pat­tern and a foun­da­tion for us. “He who holds to­mor­row can turn it around.”

Brother Mark told us our choices to­day af­fect the de­ci­sions we make to­mor­row, whether we have a good and happy life and in our Chris­tian life make heaven our goal. Mak­ing a wrong choice once gets eas­ier the next time, and we get headed away from our di­rec­tion. We get turned around with our de­ci­sions and choices. God can turn us around if we will let Him and get us back in the right di­rec­tion, no mat­ter how far off the path we get.

It takes three things to over­come bad choices: re­pen­tance (it may take some), repa­ra­tion (de­ci­sions that have hurt oth­ers and we need to make it right with them) and re­pair (go­ing back and fix­ing some­thing that you did wrong). Brother Mark said the dif­fer­ence be­tween a boy and a man is that the man will clean up his messes, undo bad choices and get back on the path. “All traps are baited with choices, usu­ally of our own mak­ing. God tells us to let it go and give it to Him. We know what it is like to have God with us and not have God. We ex­pe­ri­ence the bless­ings and the curses. You need to choose to­day whom you are go­ing to serve. Choose God. It is your de­ci­sion — no one else.”

Joshua 24:14 tells of Joshua’s farewell ad­dress and says, “Now, there­fore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sin­cer­ity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fa­thers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord!” Brother Mark told us, if we serve the Lord, we must do it in sin­cer­ity and truth. “We must serve Him all the way.

We can­not just be in­volved; we must be com­mit­ted. We can’t just roll up our pant legs and wade around. We have to be faith­ful to those things we are com­mit­ted to. God is not look­ing for in­volve­ment, but com­mit­ment. He didn’t send Je­sus Christ to die on the cross for us for a half-hearted com­mit­ment. The choice is yours. Eter­nity hangs in the bal­ance. It is time to get in deep, not just wade around. You have to choose. Who are you go­ing to serve? Are you ready to make that com­mit­ment and have peace with God?”

Our hymn of in­vi­ta­tion was “I Sur­ren­der All,” and Doug Cory gave the bene­dic­tion.

We in­vite you to wor­ship with us next Sun­day as we will ob­serve the Lord’s Sup­per. Sun­day school be­gins at 10 a.m. and wor­ship ser­vice at 11 a.m.

We also in­vite ev­ery­one to our an­nual Com­mu­nity Din­ner on Satur­day, Nov. 4, at the church, in the fel­low­ship hall. Ham, turkey and tra­di­tional side dishes and desserts will be served from 5:30 to 7 p.m. We in­vite you to eat, en­joy fel­low­ship and give thanks with us for God’s many bless­ings. Ev­ery­one is wel­come.

Mill Creek is lo­cated 3½ miles east of Noel, just off High­way 90, on Up­per Mill Creek Road.

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