Leonard ‘Larry’ Nabisco, as por­trayed by co­me­dian Dicky J. Stock, plans to chal­lenge the in­cum­bent mayor in next year’s elec­tion.

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Look out Marty Walsh — your 2017 re-elec­tion bid just got a whole lot harder. Or weirder, at the very least.

Bos­ton co­me­dian Dicky J. Stock is known for his in­ter­net-driven pub­lic­ity stunts. You might re­mem­ber him from the time he en­cour­aged his fans to de­mand that the MBTA Po­lice Depart­ment name its new K-9 of­fi­cer “Mr. Spaghetti” (they went with “Hunter”), or the time he started a (to be clear, false) ru­mor that WCVB re­porter Mike Beaudet drank his own pee.

But now the prankster is turn­ing his eye to pub­lic ser­vice — in a way. Stock, in the spirit of performance artists like Andy Kauf­man or Stephen Col­bert be­fore him, an­nounced plans for one of his ec­cen­tric on­line char­ac­ters to run for mayor this week.

Stock’s thou­sands of fol­low­ers are well-ac­quainted with the an­tics of his char­ac­ters Kim­berly Strubell, her “open-re­la­tion­ship boyfriend” Leonard “Larry” Nabisco and son, Kent Strubell. Each have their own Face­book pro­file and play with the dy­namic of Poe’s Law: the in­ter­net adage that bizarre par­o­dies are of­ten in­dis­tin­guish­able from the hon­est-to-God weirdos who also post on­line.

The co­me­dian first started toy­ing with fake Face­book pro­files by creat­ing Strubell, a play on a cer­tain kind of Mas­sachusetts stereo­type. Her blunt, brag­gado­cious, typo-laden posts are also meant to evoke that kind of un­com­fort­able Face­book friend we al­most all have: some­one from our dis­tant past, or with whom we have an oth­er­wise fleet­ing con­nec­tion, whose car wreck of a life we can now fol­low on­line thanks to so­cial me­dia.

Then came her boyfriend Nabisco, who Stock said presents as more of a clas­si­cally ab­surd char­ac­ter. His biography in­cludes a stint in the Coast Guard, writ­ing cred­its at Nick­elodeon and High­lights mag­a­zines, and later climb­ing the ranks at Build-a-Bear Work­shop to be­come a re­gional man­ager at the com­pany.

“Kim­berly Strubell is prob­a­bly about 30 peo­ple I know,” Stock said. “Larry is just silly.”

Silly or not, Stock said Nabisco is “very se­ri­ous” about his run for mayor, and Stock will be serv­ing as his cam­paign man­ager. And, of course, as an of­fi­cial cam­paign spokesman, on ac­count of Nab­sico be­ing a Face­book char­ac­ter.

“You prob­a­bly won’t see much of him,” Stock ex­plained. “He’s a very pri­vate per­son. … If Mayor Walsh would like to de­bate, he can de­bate me.”

“Mr. Nabisco de­cided to run for mayor be­cause of the po­lit­i­cal cli­mate in Bos­ton right now,” Stock ex­plained. “I think it re­ally calls for some­one with his style of lead­er­ship to pull us out of the gut­ter we’re in right now.”

One area he’d tackle? The T. Stock said Nabisco would usher in a “re­nais­sance within the MBTA,” a feat his prospec­tive ad­min­is­tra­tion would ac­com­plish by “prob­a­bly get­ting rid of ev­ery­one that works at the MBTA.”

“Kind of like in a dic­ta­tor fash­ion, he’ll tell the trains where to go,” Stock said when pressed for specifics. “If they can’t do it, well — then that con­duc­tor gets fired.”

Stock said he has ev­ery in­ten­tion of mak­ing a se­ri­ous at­tempt to get on the bal­lot this year, even post­ing a video of him­self call­ing Bos­ton City Hall to in­quire about the process. To the em­ployee’s credit, he man­ages to keep it pro­fes­sional the whole time.

Stock will face a few hur­dles: aside from Nabisco not be­ing a real per­son, he is a res­i­dent of Rock­land — a town about 22 miles south of Bos­ton — which won’t pass the res­i­dency re­quire­ment. But Stock isn’t so sure. “Mr. Nabisco con­sid­ers Rock­land just as much a part of Bos­ton as Dorch­ester,” where Walsh lives, Stock said. “If [Nabisco] needs to live in Bos­ton, he can crash on my couch, and I live in All­ston.”

Your move, Marty.

Bos­ton co­me­dian Dicky J. Stock out­side of Bos­ton City Hall DEREK KOUYOUMJIAN, METRO

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