These healthy snacks will power you through the work­day.

Ful­fill the work­day crav­ings with these good-for-you munchies.

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We spend so many hours sit­ting in front of the com­puter at work, and we need pick-me­ups to keep en­er­gized through­out the day. Be­sides cof­fee, we of­ten find a boost in the form of snacks; but opt­ing for chips or candy from the vend­ing ma­chine is a calo­rie-packed trap we’d do best to avoid. Here are 10 healthy and de­li­cious snacks — nu­tri­tion­ist ap­proved! — that you should try in­stead.

Chia pud­ding

Wil­low Jarosh and Stephanie Clarke, reg­is­tered di­eti­cians of C&J Nu­tri­tion, rec­om­mend this semisweet, health­ful treat. “Chia seeds ab­sorb up to 10 times their weight in wa­ter, which means that they pro­vide hy­dra­tion along with pro­tein and fiber,” says Clarke. “Make a sim­ple chia pud­ding with mashed ba­nana, milk, and chia seeds and keep it in a small jar in the fridge un­til you’re ready to eat … or opt for a pre­made ver­sion like the Chia Pods from The Chia Co.”

Roasted chick­peas

This crunchy, pro­te­in­filled snack makes for a great salty fix, says Kayleen St. John, di­rec­tor of nu­tri­tion at Euphebe. “They’re easy to make home­made — drain a can of chick­peas and dry well, toss in olive oil, salt, cayenne and pa­prika, bake at 400 de­grees for 30 min­utes or un­til crunchy,” she says.

Beef, turkey or chicken jerky

Need an en­ergy boost? Vi­ta­min-B and pro­tein is what you need, ac­cord­ing to Re­becca Scritch­field, Wash­ing­ton, D.C.-based nu­tri­tion­ist and the au­thor of “Body Kind­ness.”

Opt for a lean meat snack; Whole Foods sells a pack of 365 or­ganic turkey jerky for $7, and they also carry Krave Ar­ti­sanal Se­same Beef Jerky, $6.

Peanut but­ter and fruit sand­wich

Peanut but­ter has the pro­tein you need, but the sugar-packed jelly that rounds out a PB&J makes the child­hood fa­vorite a less healthy op­tion. In­stead, “spread your fa­vorite peanut but­ter on a slice of whole grain bread, layer with your fa­vorite sliced fruit (we are lov­ing straw­ber­ries right now since they’re in sea­son), fold in half and en­joy as a snack that de­liv­ers pro­tein, healthy fat, and high fiber carbs,” rec­om­mends Jarosh.


Scritch­field rec­om­mends this fer­mented drink­able yo­gurt. It will give you a good dose of pro­bi­otics, which aid in gut health and help re­duce stress. Just sip at your desk, easy-peasy.

An ap­ple and nut but­ter

Stephanie Mid­dle­berg of the NYC-based Mid­dle­berg Nu­tri­tion says it’s im­por­tant to make sure you’re get­ting in some pro­tein with your snack. She loves al­mond or nut but­ter with an ap­ple. If you for­get to pack the nut but­ter, you can pur­chase in­di­vid­ual pack­ets like Justin’s, Ar­ti­sana, Bar­ney’s at the bodega. “Add string cheese for a more in­ter­est­ing twist, or do dried mango plus al­mond but­ter (a fa­vorite),” she says.

Healthy trail mix

In­stead of a vend­ing ma­chine Snick­ers, to sat­isfy a sweet tooth while ac­tu­ally get­ting in some pro­tein and vi­ta­mins, opt for trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and dark choco­late mixed in. Scritch­field sug­gests mak­ing your own in bulk and then por­tion­ing it out into small bag­gies for the week.


“Keep a bag of frozen edamame pods at work. When you need a snack, heat up a few hand­fuls in the mi­crowave and snack away,” sug­gests St. John.

“Full of fiber and pro­tein, this snack will also keep your mind oc­cu­pied while you shell the edamame pods,” she adds.

Hum­mus and veg­gies

For an af­ter­noon nosh, try crunchy, hy­drat­ing veg­gies — like baby car­rots, grape tomatoes, mini cu­cum­bers — dipped in hum­mus, a great source of pro­tein and healthy fat.

“Think of it as din­ner one. You want some­thing sa­vory and chances are you didn’t get enough veg­gies yet in your day,” says Scritch­field.

One to two squares of 85 per­cent dark choco­late

“If you’re crav­ing some­thing sweet and can’t re­sist — go for it, but be sure to go dark,” says St. John. She rec­om­mends one or two squares of dark choco­late that “will kill that crav­ing while pro­vid­ing a solid dose of an­tiox­i­dants and even fiber,” she ex­plains. “The darker it is, the less sugar and more fiber there will be — win-win.”


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