Busi­ness owner struck dumb by big­oted rant

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Dear Abby: I am a small busi­ness owner. My store has lo­cal (re­peat) and one-time cus­tomers. The other day, while check­ing out, one of my lo­cal cus­tomers spewed out a big­oted rant. I was stunned speech­less. I felt I should do some­thing, but I wasn’t sure what it should be. I have started los­ing sleep over it. If it hap­pens again, should I re­main silent or stand up and lose this cus­tomer and prob­a­bly more? — Freaked Out in Florida

Dear Freaked Out: If the rant your big­oted cus­tomer spewed was aimed at an­other shop­per, you had a re­spon­si­bil­ity to pro­tect the vic­tim of the on­slaught. In the fu­ture, state firmly that you don’t want that kind of talk in your es­tab­lish­ment. While do­ing that may (or may not) lose you a few cus­tomers, you would at least be able to sleep bet­ter than you’re sleep­ing now.

P.S. It may also GAIN you some cus­tomers.

Dear Abby: I have been with the same doc­tor for 15 years, only re­quir­ing an an­nual checkup. The prob­lem is, the of­fice is about a 40-minute drive, longer if I hit a rush hour. I have stayed with the provider be­cause the care is so good. How­ever, I re­cently found a doc­tor who is 10 min­utes away and pro­vides the same qual­ity of care. Do I call the orig­i­nal doc­tor to let them know I am leav­ing the prac­tice? What is the pro­to­col? — Good Pa­tient in Michi­gan

Dear Pa­tient: Con­tact your doc­tor’s of­fice and ask that your med­i­cal records be sent to your new doc­tor’s of­fice. In light of the fact that you have had a 15-year re­la­tion­ship with “Long­time Doc­tor,” it would be nice if you wrote a let­ter thank­ing him/her and ex­plain that the com­mute has be­come more than you can now han­dle.

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