Turn­ing A Soft Hubby Into A Work­out War­rior

MidWeek (Hawaii) - - Front Page - Amy Alkon

My hus­band has a great body, but since we got mar­ried two years ago, he has com­pletely stopped work­ing out. One rea­son I was ini­tially so at­tracted to him was that he was in great shape. I go to Pi­lates four times a week. How do I mo­ti­vate him to go back to the gym?

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I’m try­ing to get over a breakup, and one of my best friends, in an at­tempt to help me move on, keeps say­ing, “He doesn’t want you!” I get that (and I do need to move on), but hear­ing that makes me feel unlov­able and even more de­pressed. I am see­ing what went wrong; I should have be­lieved him when he told me at the very be­gin re­la­tion­ships.” I’m sure it’s frus­trat­ing for her to see me in pain, but I’m just not ready to get back out there. What do I tell her so she stops mak­ing me feel worse?

der­stand that the sad­ness you’re

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