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Dear Pamela, On June 13, I re­ported a street light it would it would take two to three weeks be­fore it could the light, and the cor­ner is

Also, on June 19, I had a shred­ded tire on H-2 just out a truck flagged me over and Jane Marshall

Dear Jane, Your AP­PLAUSE for the crew from the City & County Pub­lic Build­ing and Elec­tri­cal Main­te­nance Di­vi­sion prompted a re­sponse from its di­rec­tor and chief engi Main­te­nance Sec­tion is re­spon­si­ble for ap­prox­i­mately 53,000 street­lights across light­ing at city parks,” says Ross Sasamura. “Our crews are at work day and night, and do their best to re­store street­lights that are not work­ing as quickly af­ter re­ceiv­ing a call as pos­si­ble. We are all happy to help when and where we can.” Dear Pamela, - - turned from WWII, and raised four chil­dren with him on one grown and the mort­gage paid - ding ring with a larger soli­taire and the little di­a­monds from mother con­tin­ues to wear the

- has made her knuck­les large, so we had put a ring guard on rath

Some­one had found it in that night with pic­tures of bated breath, we waited while out and he put the ring on her

the ring left no name, and I did Paula Gum

Dear Paula, “We tend to get more com­plaints than com­pli­ments, so this letter is much ap­pre­ci­ated,” says Greg Higa, se­cu­rity man­ager with Star Pro­tec­tion Agency, the com­pany that pro­vides se­cu­rity for these boost our morale and make us feel good. They are a bless­ing.” Greg has for­warded a copy of your letter to call at­ten­tion to the sharp eyes of main­te­nance worker Wilma, who found the ring in the ladies’ room. An­other copy has gone to Star Pro­tec­tion to ap­plaud se­cu­rity worker Abra­ham, who will also be re­ceiv­ing a letter of com­men­da­tion from the com­pany. Dear Pamela, - ing din­ner out, we dis­cov­ered - ter he re­moved the hub­cap, ap­peared and asked, “Do phone for light­ing, jacked up in the trunk!

and would have taken a med hear of peo­ple get­ting robbed and beaten, but when good things hap­pen, we are re­minded that there are good peo­ple

- J. Chang Kailua Dear J., U.S. Air Force fire­fighter Kula Funn says he hap- pened to be in the right place at the right time. “I was pick­ing up my girl­friend af­ter work and saw them in the lot. If I see some­one who needs help, it’s only nat­u­ral to give a hand. It made me feel good to see them safely on their way home.”



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