Like Mar­ra­nos, The Right Lives In Fear

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For those un­fa­mil­iar with the term, Mar­ra­nos was the name given to Jews in medieval Spain and Por­tu­gal who se­cretly main­tained their Ju­daism while liv­ing as Catholics in pub­lic, es­pe­cially in the 15th cen­tury dur­ing the Span­ish In­qui­si­tion.

There is, of course, no Span­ish I nquisiti on i n Amer­ica to­day — no one is be­ing tor­tured into con­fess­ing what they re­ally be­lieve, and no one is be­ing burned at the stake.

But there are mil­lions of Mar­rano-like Amer­i­cans who voted for Don­ald Trump as

Com­ing out as a ho­mo­sex­ual prior to the 1960s and ’70s, or pub­licly an­nounc­ing one­self as a mem­ber of the Com­mu­nist Party in the 1950s would have of­ten led to sim­i­lar dire con­se­quences in one’s so­cial, work and fam­ily life.

But gays and Com­mu­nist Party mem­bers com­prised a tiny per­cent­age of the over­all Amer­i­can pop­u­la­tion. (And Com­mu­nists sup­ported true evil.)

I wish I could share all the emails sent to me from pro­fes­sional mu­si­cians who play in some of the premier or­ches­tras in Amer­ica. They

A vi­o­list with one of the most pres­ti­gious or­ches­tras which or­ches­tra us­ing the in­ter­net), she was even afraid to tell me last week about how quiet she is about her con­ser­vatism. While she could not be fired for it, she said, she would be so­cially os­tra­cized within the or­ches­tra for which she has played for decades.

A mid­dle-aged pro­fes­sional mu­si­cian told me that he wears his hair very long in or­der to ap­pear hip­pie-like - va­tive pol­i­tics. He is no more likely to tell fel­low mu­si­cians that he sup­ports Pres­i­dent Trump than a Mar­rano in medieval Spain would have been to go pub­lic with his Jewish be­liefs.

One mu­si­cian in Min­nesota wrote to me: “I was a pro­fes­sional mu­si­cian from the age of 17. I wanted you to know that I, too, lost my ca­reer be­cause of my views. My choice, ac­tu­ally; I just could no longer take the abuse.”

I’m for­tu­nate. As a ra­dio talk-show host and columnist, I’m paid to ex­press my opin­ions.

Screen­writer Dal­ton Trumbo (left) and John Howard Law­son of the Hol­ly­wood Ten smile and wave from inside a U.S. Mar­shal’s van in Wash­ing­ton, D.C., June 9, 1950. The Red Scare of the ’50s, and sub­se­quent per­se­cu­tion of sus­pected com­mu­nists, is be­ing re­peated to­day on an even greater scale as the left ha­rangues con­ser­va­tives, ac­cord­ing to the au­thor.

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