Stand­out Awai Lead­ing Young Kalani Girls D1 Soc­cer Team


tions for this sea­son.

Awai will pro­vide lead­er­ship to a team with a lot of fresh faces. She re­cently took some time away from her sched­ule to an­swer some ques­tions from

on the eve of the 2010-11 sea­son.

What is your ear­li­est sports-re­lated me­mory? When I was play­ing AYSO and was asked to play on a Se­lect (all-Star) Team. It was my sec­ond year of play­ing, and we did re­ally well and I en­joyed it.

What is the best part of play­ing in the Kalani pro­gram? Our coach (Michelle Richardson-De Almeida) is re­ally good. She has a lot of ex­pe­ri­ence, and she played in col­lege (Saint Mary’s). She knows how to play the game and how to re­late to us.

What area of your game did you fo­cus on in the off-sea­son? I play soc­cer year round. My coach at Leahi Soc­cer Club put me at for­ward, and I fo­cused on my of­fense. I’m glad I worked on it. It will help me (play­ing cen­ter/mid­field at Kalani).

Who’s had the biggest im­pact on you in your life? My fam­ily in gen­eral. They give me a lot of sup­port, and they pay for ev­ery­thing. I went to a lot of camps, and that costs a lot of money. They were real en­cour­ag­ing to me when I was just learn­ing to play soc­cer.

What In­ter­net site do you fre­quent the most? Prob­a­bly Face­book. I usu­ally spend my time con­nect­ing with friends. I’m close to my HISA team, but we don’t see each other much dur­ing our high school sea­sons be­cause we are all spread out.

What is your least fa­vorite house­hold chore? I’d say wash­ing the dishes. It takes too long, and some­times I have to do the rins­ing and wash­ing, which takes even longer, and it’s all by hand!

What movie could you watch over and over again? I think I could watch I like that it’s a com­edy. It’s al­ways hu­mor­ous. I like to watch funny shows.

Who is your most com­pet­i­tive team­mate at Kalani’s prac­tices? I’d say Ar­den (Ma­tro). She and I play for the same club, al­though I am on the younger team. We can re­late to each other, and we like to com­pete in ev­ery­thing we do. She’s a cre­ative player, and she’s a fun per­son to be around. We feed off of each other.

What is in your iPod? I have all kinds of mu­sic, but hip-hop and Hawai­ian, mostly. I don’t have a fa­vorite group. I like all of the artists.

Do you play video games? What sys­tems do you have? No, I don’t re­ally have time. Soc­cer has taken over my life.

How many text mes­sages do you send/re­ceive a day? That’s a hard one. I’m tex­ting con­stantly. I’d say a cou­ple hun­dred a day, maybe.

If you could have your pick, what celebrity would you choose for your prom date? (Ac­tor) Tay­lor Laut­tner. He’s very good-look­ing.

You are stuck on the is­land of Ka­hoolawe and you have an end­less sup­ply of one food. What would it be? I don’t have a spe­cific sin­gle fa­vorite, but my dad’s cook­ing is re­ally good — es­pe­cially his udon.

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