Poor um­pir­ing needs to be ad­dressed by MLB

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The nu­mer­ous bad calls by the home-plate um­pire in the open­ing game of the Brewers-Car­di­nals se­ries had no ef­fect on the out­come of the game be­cause the Brewers played poorly. I’ve watched many games in per­son and on TV, but I watched this game in dis­gust. If FoxTrax is even re­motely close in its place­ment of balls and strikes, the um­pire des­per­ately needs fur­ther train­ing. His calls of both balls and strikes were atro­cious.

When he would look over the catcher’s left shoul­der at the in­com­ing pitch, he’d miss the calls on the right side of the plate. While look­ing over the catcher’s right shoul­der, the um­pire of­ten missed calls on the left side of the plate. He missed calls by a wide mar­gin and seemed to have no depth per­cep­tion. Does the league ever check games for ac­cu­racy of calls by um­pires?

It is hu­man na­ture that one per­son will be bet­ter at call­ing games than an­other, but this um­pire - judg­ing him only on this game - has to be the worst of the worst.

Base­ball teams send down play­ers to the mi­nors, so why doesn’t the league do the same with bad um­pires? Also, is there ever a re­view of um­pires by MLB? Casper T. Green Franklin

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