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When it comes to get­ting our air­craft from the work­bench to the fly­ing field, there are lots of tasks and ad­just­ments in­volved. Then be­fore we can get our planes air­borne, there are a few spe­cial sup­port-equip­ment items needed to crank up the en­gine or mo­tor. This field and bench guide in­cludes 50 of our ed­i­tors’ fa­vorite tools, gad­gets, and equip­ment that make our hobby eas­ier to en­joy and al­low us to have more fun in the process. From must-have work­bench items and fly­ing field fa­vorites, we’re sure that you’ll find some­thing here that you’d love to add to your tool­box.

Du-Bro Large Scale In-Line Fuel Fil­ter

A must-have item for all gi­ant-scale mod­el­ers, these large in-line fuel fil­ters are con­structed of two threaded alu­minum parts hous­ing a 130-mi­cron mesh fil­ter. An O-ring seals the fil­ter against leak­age. It works with both gaso­line and glow fu­els.

$4.08 | shop.dubro.com

Hitec RCD X2-700 Mul­ticharger Zap-a-Gap Sin­gle-Use Tubes

Ever break some­thing at the fly­ing field and need just a lit­tle glue? Now pack­aged in five 0.01-ounce (0.5g) sin­gle-use tubes, you can now use Zap-a-Gap CA+ glue a lit­tle at a time when­ever you need it. It’s ideal for the flight box or the work­shop.

$4.99 | zapglue.com The Hitec X2-700 is a mul­ti­chem­istry, mi­cro­pro­ces­sor-con­trolled DC-pow­ered charger that’s ac­tu­ally two in­de­pen­dent charg­ers in one pack­age. Each side of the charger is ca­pa­ble of up to 700W of out­put power with the ap­pro­pri­ate power sup­ply. Ca­pa­ble of charg­ing Ni-Cd, NiMH, and lead-acid bat­ter­ies, it can also charge and main­tain a va­ri­ety of lithium-bat­tery chemistries, in­clud­ing lithium poly­mer (LiPo), lithium fer­rite (LiFe), lithium ion (Li-Ion), and the new high-volt­age LiPo (LiHV) cells. Syn­chro­nous mode al­lows both sides of the charger to be set, us­ing the con­trols on side one, for charg­ing two iden­ti­cal bat­ter­ies. Up to 10 bat­tery pro­files can be stored. With two dis­plays and only four but­tons for each side, the X2-700 is sim­ple and in­tu­itive to use. With a 12V source, each side of the charger puts out up to 350W. The full 700W-per-side out­put power re­quires a 24V power sup­ply. Well de­signed, it is a ca­pa­ble so­lu­tion for those who need a higher-power charger.

$199.99 | hite­crcd.com

Futaba BR-3000 Bat­tery Checker

Great to keep in your flight box, the Futaba BR-3000 bat­tery checker quickly dis­plays volt­age lev­els of bat­tery packs. It shows the to­tal volt­age and re­main­ing ca­pac­ity on a bar graph and as a per­cent­age. It can be used with 2- to 7-cell LiFe, LiPo, and Li-Ion packs as well as 4- to 7-cell Ni-Cd and NiMH packs. $49.99 | futabarc.com

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