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Ah, the smell of glow fuel in the morn­ing! We re­cently posted a piece ex­plain­ing ex­actly how glow fuel works and what’s in­side a gal­lon of this mag­i­cal go juice that’s been such a big part of our hobby of RC model air­planes. Here are some of your com­ments.

Jesse Lee: I started off with only electrics; now I have a cou­ple of glow planes. I am lov­ing my glow planes more and more each time I fly them.

Mike Mad­dux: Electrics are clean, but nothing beats the sound and smell of glow en­gines!

Greg Estrada: I’ve been do­ing nitro fuel for 40 years. No match.

Jan Nord­hoy: Re­ally good ar­ti­cle on glow fuel—fi­nally some­one that knows what the nitro is good for in the fuel. It’s not about adding power alone, as most think; as you wrote, it’s be­cause the en­gine gets more oxy­gen and, so, more power. I had a long ar­gu­ment on this in one of the FB groups I’m a mem­ber of.

Charles Nott: My first glow en­gine was a Cox .049 on a Jr. Ring­mas­ter. We would get our fuel from a friend’s dad; he mixed his own and used a good help­ing of nitro.

Cale Gauger: Glow fuel planes just sound cool. All my planes are glow.

Michael Bow­man: All I have are glow plugs! And I hand-prop the en­gine to start.

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