Model Airplane News - - TIPS&TRICKS - Jim New­man, South Lafayette, IN

I learned a long time ago that if your model noses over dur­ing a dead-stick land­ing, the fuel pick-up clunk in­side the gas tank could be forced to the front of the tank. This leads to an­other dead-stick flight when you climb out dur­ing the next take­off, as the en­gine is starved of fuel dur­ing the nose-up climb. I sol­der a length of 1/8-inch brass tube to the clunk and then at­tach it to the tank out­let tube with a short piece of flex­i­ble tub­ing. This setup al­lows the clunk to move freely while pre­vent­ing it from be­ing forced to the front of the tank. This sim­ple fix works great.

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