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The Ac­tuonix L12-R, L16-R, and PQ12-R se­ries of lin­ear servos op­er­ate as direct re­place­ments for any stan­dard ana­log ro­tary servo and use stan­dard three-wire (ground, power, and sig­nal) con­nec­tor leads. There are 21 mod­els of RC lin­ear servos for use in any RC project. De­signed to work with typ­i­cal RC re­ceivers and bat­tery packs, they are also com­pat­i­ble with Ar­duino con­trol boards, VEX Mi­cro­con­trollers, and many other sim­i­lar con­trol boards de­signed for ro­bot­ics. The L12-R se­ries is the stan­dard range of mi­cro lin­ear servos, and they come in three stroke lengths (30mm, 50mm, and 100mm) and three gear­ing op­tions, for mov­ing forces be­tween 2 and 17 pounds. Priced at $70.00, the L12-R ac­tu­a­tors are ideal for mov­ing scale canopies, doors, large drag flaps and spoil­ers, or other scale func­tions where a stan­dard servo setup can’t pro­vide the re­quired power and stroke length.

$70.00 | ac­tuonix.com

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