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We all hate that mo­ment when the noisy thing pulling our air­plane through the sky goes silent! With time, the al­co­hol in to­day’s gaso­line makes a typ­i­cal gas-com­pat­i­ble fuel line swell to the point that the in­ter­nal pickup line within the fuel tank sim­ply falls off. No fuel pickup means the en­gine signs off for the rest of the flight. En­ter Sul­li­van Prod­ucts! Made out of pro­pri­etary flu­o­roe­las­tomer, a ProFlex fuel line will never har­den or swell. Im­per­vi­ous to gaso­line, glow fuel, diesel, and smoke oil, ProFlex is also heat re­sis­tant, so it is great for big-block gas en­gines and smoke muf­flers.

The thin-walled fuel line is very flex­i­ble and won’t kink, even in tight bends. It is avail­able in stan­dard and large di­am­e­ters and in three lengths: 6 inches ($3.67–$4.89), 2 feet ($7.59–$8.69), and 12 feet ($27.99–$29.99). Stan­dard clunk tie wires are in­cluded in the re­plumb­ing kits.

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