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In our September is­sue, there were a few ty­pos that reader Walt Moore pointed out in our ar­ti­cle “How to Break In Your En­gine.” In the “En­gine Op­er­a­tion” sec­tion, it should read “the en­gine makes one rev­o­lu­tion for ev­ery power cy­cle,” not two. Also, in the “En­gine Ter­mi­nol­ogy” sec­tion, it should state that the wrist­pin con­nects the pis­ton to the crank­shaft, not the crank­case. Fi­nally, Walt points out that for ABC en­gines, the main needle valve should not be opened four turns (which is OK for ringed en­gines). ABC en­gines need heat early on in the break-in process to open up the ta­pered cylin­der walls and make them more par­al­lel. Very rich set­tings pro­vide cool­ing, such that the cylin­der walls don’t wear in prop­erly, re­main­ing ta­pered. We agree. And with all things im­por­tant, as with en­gine break-in, al­ways read the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions.—GY

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