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While re­pair­ing a model air­plane af­ter a hard land­ing, I dis­cov­ered that the wing align­ment/hold­down dowel at the cen­ter of the wing had bro­ken off dur­ing im­pact, and a small por­tion of it pro­truded from the lead­ing edge. To neatly re­move it, I found a length of brass tub­ing that closely fit over the dowel and used a Moto-Tool and a cut­off disc to form jagged teeth at end of the tube. I chucked the tube in my elec­tric drill and used it as a hole cut­ter to cut slowly through the epoxy hold­ing the dowel in place. I eas­ily pulled out the old dowel, and the next-size-larger dowel fit into the hole. I glued it into place and then en­larged the match­ing hole in the fuse­lage for­mer—a per­fect fit. Roger Cum­mings, Spring­field, Massachusetts

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