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Thank you for the in­ter­est­ing ar­ti­cle (“Med­i­caid en­roll­ment, spending hit state bud­gets, Kaiser re­port finds,” Mod­ern Health­, Sept. 30). I think the Kaiser Med­i­caid ar­ti­cle just hits the tip of the ice­berg though.

With more than 46 mil­lion unin­sured, and un­told num­bers of un­der­in­sured, we have a grow­ing pop­u­la­tion that is putting off needed health­care. As their con­di­tions worsen, they will en­ter the sys­tem in much worse con­di­tion and in far greater num­bers than those of just a cou­ple of years ago.

This will be es­pe­cially true for those with ex­ist­ing and emerg­ing chronic con­di­tions. It is an ac­ci­dent of our health­care sys­tem that is wait­ing to hap­pen—a huge bub­ble that will hit very soon.

One way or an­other, we will have to foot the bill for this. We can try to do it, and man­age it through a na­tional health plan (warts and all), or we can wait un­til we feel the crush of the des­per­ately ill on our pock­et­books ... or we can step over the bodies in the streets.

We have de­feated the first op­tion in the halls of Congress, and we are not go­ing to ig­nore the dy­ing, so I guess we will just open our wal­lets. It’s like the guy in the oil com­mer­cial used to say, “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” We will cer­tainly pay. Tom Camp­bell

Con­sul­tant Camp­bell Health Man­age­ment

Sacra­mento, Calif.

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