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Modern Healthcare - - Opinions Letters - H.L. Perry Pep­per CEO Ch­ester County Hospi­tal West Ch­ester, Pa.

Though Arthur Feld­man has many good points in his ar­ti­cle about the dan­gers aca­demic med­i­cal cen­ters may face un­der health­care re­form (“Aca­demic med­i­cal cen­ters may suf­fer,” Mod­ern­Health­, Jan. 4), many such cen­ters have used th­ese same ar­gu­ments to gar­ner higher re­im­burse­ment not only for their teach­ing cen­ters but also for the other sub­ur­ban hospi­tal mem­bers of their “sys­tems.”

Per­haps it’s time that the gov­ern­ment as well as pri­vate in­sur­ers not only rec­og­nized the im­por­tant and unique role of the ur­ban teach­ing hospi­tal but also limit this halo of re­im­burse­ment so that it does not in­clude other nonur­ban mem­bers of their sys­tems where re­im­burse­ment should more nearly re­flect rea­son­able cost and out­come mea­sures.

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