Ever been YoJo’ed? Only Wachter knows

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While Out­liers is gen­er­ally op­posed to us­ing jar­gon, we’re com­pelled to share a few med­i­cal ex­pres­sions pa­tient-safety ad­vo­cate Robert Wachter posted on his “Wachter’s World” blog. (Wachter is widely cred­ited with coin­ing the term “hos­pi­tal­ist,” so much so that a “Wachter + coined” Google search finds 17,300 ref­er­ences.) Wachter wrote that he was flum­moxed to hear an in­tern say that he “YoJo’ed” a pa­tient, which he learned re­ferred to UCSF Med­i­cal Cen­ter dis­charge sched­uler Yolanda Jones, who had be­come so good at her job of sched­ul­ing fol­low-up ap­point­ments and test­ing for pa­tients leav­ing the San Fran­cisco hospi­tal that her name had be­come a verb. Wachter then listed a few other terms: RCA’ed, which means un­der­go­ing a root cause anal­y­sis of a med­i­cal er­ror; and other self-ex­plana­tory ones such as “surg­er­ized,” “rec­tal­ized” and “hep­arinized.” He also spoke of “housed and spoused,” which meant that a dis­charged pa­tient had a place to go and some­one to take care of them once they got there. Then there’s “TURP’ed,” for transurethral re­sec­tion of the prostate.

Other terms pro­vided by Wachter’s read­ers in­cluded the self­ex­plana­tory “an­tibiosed,” “treat and street,” for a pa­tient who had a quick turn­around; and the not-so-del­i­cate “boxed,” for a pa­tient who had died.

English ma­jors may not ap­prove of Wachter’s new batch of med­i­cal jar­gon.

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