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It ap­pears that the ti­tle used on the chart shown on By the Num­bers for March 1 was in­cor­rectly la­beled as “ Unin­sured Amer­i­cans by state,” (p. 42). When you add up the unin­sured listed, doesn’t the to­tal of 45,657,000 in­clude the 15 mil­lion il­le­gal im­mi­grants?

Also, why was it re­ported that Mas­sachusetts has 352,000 unin­sured when it has a state man­date that all of its ci­ti­zen be cov­ered by health in­sur­ance? Is this the to­tal of peo­ple who opted out?

If you use the 2008 pop­u­la­tion es­ti­mates from the U.S. Cen­sus Bureau, you should be able to cal­cu­late that the per­cent­age of pop­u­la­tion in the U.S. without in­sur­ance is 15% and re­place the “N/A” for North Dakota, Wy­oming and Ver­mont with 11.5%, 13.5% and 9.2%. Tom Ku­mura

Pres­i­dent Ku­mura & As­so­ci­ates

Vista, Calif.

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