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As a man who thinks that qual­ity can be mea­sured and ob­jec­ti­fied, Don­ald Ber­wick shows him­self to be a pseudo-sci­en­tist at best.

As a man who iden­ti­fies qual­ity with im­per­sonal process, Ber­wick is clearly a man whose de­vo­tions have never been to the clin­i­cal care of pa­tients. Ber­wick seems like any­thing but a com­pe­tent choice to head up the bu­reau­cracy that is in charge of see­ing to it that our el­derly are get­ting the care they most re­quire.

Ap­par­ently, in Wash­ing­ton such short­com­ings rec­om­mend him as per­fect for the job. Farida Baig Pe­di­a­tri­cian Pon­cha­toula, La.

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