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Each June, the Amer­i­can Med­i­cal As­so­ci­a­tion House of Del­e­gates con­venes in Chicago to dis­cuss the weighty health­care is­sues of the day. Res­o­lu­tions and re­ports sig­ni­fy­ing no less than the fu­ture of the “house of medicine” are dis­cussed at length and in rev­er­ent tones or with dec­la­ra­tions laden with ex­cla­ma­tion points. (And then quickly for­got­ten.)

But, typ­i­cally, one can also find on the agenda seem­ingly well-mean­ing but some­what silly res­o­lu­tions deal­ing with topics such as the need for warn­ing la­bels on cot­ton swab pack­ag­ing and a call to ad­dress the scourge of video game ad­dic­tion.

This year is no ex­cep­tion. In ad­di­tion to res­o­lu­tions deal­ing with health­care re­form, scope of prac­tice is­sues and the in­tri­ca­cies of med­i­cal eco­nom­ics, there are res­o­lu­tions call­ing for manda­tory po­lit­i­cal sci­ence classes in med­i­cal school, pro­hibit­ing smok­ing in mul­ti­fam­ily hous­ing and mak­ing con­dom use manda­tory in adult films.

While that last res­o­lu­tion may seem the most over-the-top, Out­liers thought the anti-smok­ing res­o­lu­tion con­tained the most eye-rolling lan­guage as it dis­cussed why peo­ple shouldn’t be al­lowed to smoke in their own homes be­cause “smoke can move along air ducts, through wall and floor cracks, through el­e­va­tor shafts, and along plumb­ing and elec­tri­cal routes.”

(For the record, Out­liers grew up in a home with a smok­ing par­ent and never took a sick day in high school. Just sayin’.)

One AMA res­o­lu­tion tar­gets smok­ing in apart­ments. No word on any op­po­si­tion to the Lava Lamp.

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