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“Last year, the trustees es­ti­mated that one part of Medi­care would be in­sol­vent alarm­ingly soon—2017. But then came the new health­care law, sold to Amer­i­cans as a way to re­duce costs and shore up Medi­care. The trustees re­leased a new re­port last week that said—ta-da!—Medi­care had 12 more years to live. … Democrats weren’t straight with Amer­i­cans about the costs of health­care re­form be­fore the law passed. ... And they’re still fuzzing over facts.”

—Chicago Tribune “It’s the time of year when the trustees of Medi­care and So­cial Se­cu­rity re­lease their an­nual re­ports on the pro­grams’ fi­nan­cial health. That means Amer­i­cans are likely to be bathed in a fog of po­lit­i­cal rhetoric that makes it hard to sort out fact from fic­tion. Here’s the bot­tom line: The re­cently passed health­care re­form bill is promis­ing to have a pos­i­tive ef­fect on Medi­care, as­sum­ing Repub­li­can op­po­nents don’t suc­ceed in killing the re­form in court or oth­er­wise un­der­min­ing its main pro­vi­sions. … Medi­care is a thorny prob­lem. ... More wor­ri­some ... is the hy­per­par­ti­san at­mos­phere in Washington.”

—New York Times

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