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Cit­ing the al­most $5.2 mil­lion spent by can­di­dates in Ten­nessee’s 8th Con­gres­sional District GOP pri­mary, the Cen­ter for Re­spon­sive Pol­i­tics called it the most ex­pen­sive con­gres­sional pri­mary elec­tion in the nation, and it re­sulted in oto­laryn­gol­o­gist Ron­ald Kirk­land nar­rowly beat­ing ra­di­ol­o­gist Ge­orge Flinn (who spent nearly $3 mil­lion of his own money) 17,635 votes to 17,309 on Aug. 5. Un­for­tu­nately for both doc­tors, farmer Stephen Fincher was also run­ning, and he re­ceived 35,016 votes.

Ten­nessee’s 8th District aside, over­all physi­cians who weren’t in­cum­bents seek­ing con­gres­sional seats have had so-so re­sults in the re­cent round of vot­ing.

In Demo­cratic pri­maries, Ami Bera ran un­con­tested in Cal­i­for­nia’s 3rd District; Loraine Good­win re­ceived 52.6% of the votes in a two-per­son pri­mary in Cal­i­for­nia’s 19th District; Wynne LeGrow was un­op­posed in Vir­ginia’s 4th District; and Brent Staton lost to a lawyer and fin­ished third out of four can­di­dates in Ten­nessee’s 3rd District.

And in Repub­li­can pri­maries, Pa­trick Bertroche fin­ished fifth out of seven can­di­dates in Iowa’s 3rd District; Larry Buc­shon fin­ished first in an eight-per­son race in In­di­ana’s 8th District; Blake Curd fin­ished last in a three-per­son race in South Dakota’s only con­gres­sional district; Mike Fal­lon was un­op­posed in Colorado’s 1st District; Joe Heck re­ceived al­most 69% of the vote and trounced his op­po­nent in Ne­vada’s 3rd District; Deb­o­rah Hon­ey­cutt re­ceived just un­der a third of the votes and lost in a runoff elec­tion for Ge­or­gia’s 13th District; Mar­i­an­nette Miller-Meeks beat two other op­po­nents in Iowa’s 3rd District; and Mike Vasovski fin­ished last in a six-per­son field in South Carolina’s 3rd District.

While that’s nowhere near a com­plete tally, it comes to a score of Docs: 7, other pro­fes­sions: 6. Os­teo­pathic physi­cians (Betroche, Heck and Vasovski) are 1 for 3. Physi­cians are also 3 for 3 in races for states’ 3rd District seats, and while Out­liers has no idea what that means, we were com­pelled to point that out.

LeGrow was one doc who won his race.

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