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“While they de­serve credit for putting some tough choices on the ta­ble, they dance around the root cause of run­away govern­ment spend­ing: health costs. (The deficit com­mis­sion co-chairs) talk vaguely about strength­en­ing the Medi­care pay­ment ad­vi­sory board and pro­pose mal­prac­tice re­forms and a pub­lic-op­tion in­surance plan if premi­ums by pri­vate in­sur­ers rise too steeply. But the re­port pro­vides mainly crossed fin­gers on health spend­ing re­duc­tions, say­ing they will be achieved by ‘es­tab­lish­ing a process to reg­u­larly eval­u­ate cost growth.’ ”

— Bos­ton Globe “Repub­li­cans’ mis­lead­ing and false cam­paign attacks have sowed pub­lic con­fu­sion and made it harder to reach con­sen­sus on im­prov­ing health­care re­form. They de­nounced it as an un­af­ford­able govern­ment takeover of health­care when in fact the cost-cut­ting and best-prac­tices as­pects are pro­jected to save bil­lions of dol­lars. Ac­cord­ing to the non­par­ti­san Con­gres­sional Bud­get Of­fice, the act will save the fed­eral trea­sury $143 bil­lion over 10 years even as it ex­pands health­care cov­er­age to more than 30 mil­lion unin­sured Amer­i­cans.”

— St. Peters­burg (Fla.) Times

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