Democrats de­ceived the AMA about the doc fix and now are deceiving vot­ers about how they’ll pay for even this four-week re­prieve.

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“One of the tragi-comic sideshows of pass­ing Oba­maCare was the Demo­cratic at­tempt to buy off the Amer­i­can Med­i­cal As­so­ci­a­tion by promis­ing a per­ma­nent fix to the Medi­care pay­ment for­mula for doc­tors. Ap­par­ently per­ma­nent is four weeks. … In sum, Democrats de­ceived the AMA about the doc fix and now are deceiving vot­ers about how they’ll pay for even this four-week re­prieve. And they’re dump­ing the $250 bil­lion bill on the Repub­li­cans. … The doc­tor-pay­ment cha­rade has served both par­ties since it was cre­ated in 1997 as a palm-greaser for cam­paign con­tri­bu­tions and to dis­guise the real costs of Medi­care as part of the Bill Clin­ton-Newt Gin­grich bal­anced-bud­get deal. But these Demo­cratic abuses are some­thing else. ... Imag­ine if a pri­vate in­surer pulled these stunts. … A more sta­ble pay­ment sys­tem that re­flects the real costs of de­liv­er­ing med­i­cal care while rein­ing in fed­eral health spend­ing would mean dump­ing the Medi­care price-con­trol model that has led to the cur­rent mess. … Maybe now that the AMA has been ex­posed as fools one more time, the new lead­ers will sup­port gen­uine re­form.”

—Wall Street Jour­nal “Most mem­bers of Congress wait un­til af­ter the swear­ing-in be­fore turn­ing the hypocrisy knob past 11. Not Andy Har­ris ... a physi­cian who ran his 2010 cam­paign on a pledge to thwart Oba­maCare. Har­ris’ web­site boldly states, ‘The an­swer to the ever ris­ing cost of in­surance is not the ex­pan­sion of govern­ment-run or govern­ment-man­dated in­surance but, in­stead, com­mon-sense mar­ket-based so­lu­tions that en­sure de­ci­sions are made by pa­tients and their doc­tors’ … Har­ris’ ig­no­rance of re­al­life health­care is­sues has made him an ob­ject of ridicule. He’s an easy tar­get, the leader for the clue­less folks at­tend­ing anti-health­care re­form ral­lies with signs warn­ing to keep the govern­ment’s hands out of Medi­care. There’s a bet­ter role for Har­ris. Now that the Mary­land doc­tor has seen life from the other side of the health­care equa­tion, he can re­think his stri­dent op­po­si­tion. Now that he can bet­ter see the dif­fi­cult choices mil­lions of Amer­i­cans face daily un­der our dog-eat-dog pri­vate health in­surance sys­tem, he can ad­vo­cate for a govern­ment that sees its cit­i­zens as more than cus­tomers for those gen­er­ous do­na­tors to con­gress­men, the health in­surance in­dus­try.”

—An­nis­ton (Ala.) Star

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