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“House Repub­li­cans are so bent on block­ing any and all as­pects of health­care re­form that they have passed a bill that would elim­i­nate a far­sighted pro­gram—the Preven­tion and Pub­lic Health Fund—in­tended to help states and com­mu­ni­ties pre­vent dis­eases. Elim­i­nat­ing the fund would save roughly $16 bil­lion over the course of a decade, a small amount in the con­text of a tril­lion-dol­lar health­care re­form. The loss to states and lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties would be con­sid­er­able.”

—NewYorkTimes “Over the past year, two ma­jor health in­sur­ers in Cal­i­for­nia have pro­posed eye-pop­ping rate in­creases, only to set­tle for smaller hikes af­ter a pub­lic out­cry. Now lawmakers are con­sid­er­ing a pro­posal to let state reg­u­la­tors block rate hikes they con­sider un­rea­son­able, just as they can do for most other types of in­surance. In­dus­try lob­by­ists ar­gue that pre­mi­ums are ris­ing not be­cause they’re prof­i­teer­ing, but be­cause health­care costs are climb­ing. … The fun­da­men­tal prob­lem with the cur­rent sys­tem, though, is that in­sur­ers and health­care providers have a shared in­cen­tive to raise pre­mi­ums.”


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