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Bill to cre­ate uni­ver­sal, pub­licly funded health­care sys­tem awaits the gov­er­nor’s sig­na­ture.

The Ver­mont House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives passed a bill that would im­ple­ment a statewide, uni­ver­sal pub­licly funded health­care sys­tem, paving the way for the bill to be signed into law later this month by Gov. Peter Shum­lin. The state Se­nate passed the bill last week, and Shum­lin has said he in­tends to sign it. The state Se­nate and the House had given ap­proval for ear­lier ver­sions of the bill, which would cre­ate Green Moun­tain Care, a pub­licly funded sys­tem that would make health­care avail­able to all res­i­dents of Ver­mont, ef­fec­tive Jan. 1, 2014 (April 4, p. 16). A board for Green Moun­tain Care will be formed, and the board’s chair and four mem­bers are ex­pected to be named by July 1. Lin­ger­ing ques­tions about the bill in­clude how it will be funded. Two fi­nanc­ing plans will be sent to House and Se­nate com­mit­tees in Jan­uary 2013.



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