If the yips are cramp­ing your game, there’s a good rea­son

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Rest as­sured, golfers. Re­searchers at the Mayo Clinic have sug­gested that in­vol­un­tary mus­cle con­trac­tions are to blame for the yips, the move­ment dis­or­der that oc­curs dur­ing putting.

For a sub­set of golfers, this means the yips may not be the re­sult of a golfer’s pres­sure to per­form. Dr. Charles Adler, a neu­rol­o­gist and re­searcher at Mayo Clinic, said in a news re­lease that “golfer’s cramp” can be likened to “writer’s cramp” or “mu­si­cian’s cramp.”

The re­searchers stud­ied 50 golfers, half of whom had com­plained about the yips af­fect­ing their golf game. Seven­teen of the golfers—all had wrist move­ments mea­sured with elec­trodes and were recorded by a video cam­era—dis­played in­vol­un­tary mus­cle con­trac­tions.

It’s not the first time the med­i­cal re­searchers have delved into the causes of the yips. In 2008, Bloomberg re­ported that Adler con­ducted a study with Al­ler­gan, mak­ers of Bo­tox, to test whether small in­jec­tions of Bo­tox could treat the move­ment dis­or­der.


Just tell your golf bud­dies you have golfer’s cramp.

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