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In the Mod­ern Health­care ar­ti­cle on the 100 Most In­flu­en­tial Peo­ple in Health­care (Aug. 22, p. 6), Gov. Peter Shum­lin of Ver­mont is listed as No. 2. In the ac­com­pa­ny­ing text, the term “gov­ern­ment-run” is used to de­scribe the sys­tem Ver­mont is mov­ing to­ward. This term is in­ac­cu­rate and is bet­ter de­scribed as gov­ern­ment-ad­min­is­tered.

“Gov­ern­ment-run” is a term the insurance com­pa­nies love to toss around as it is un­de­fined and seems to frighten peo­ple into be­liev­ing that the doc­tors and hos­pi­tals will all be run by the gov­ern­ment, which is un­true.

One sig­nif­i­cant cost-adder for providers in to­day’s health­care is the large num­ber of insurance com­pa­nies and mul­ti­ple plans per com­pany (about 27,000 plans na­tion­ally) that providers are forced to deal with. One Con­cord, N.H., pri­mary-care physi­cian de­ter­mined that it costs $49,000 per physi­cian/per year in his mul­ti­ple-physi­cian prac­tice to deal with all the var­i­ous plans. Ver­mont’s us­ing a sin­gle payer to ad­min­is­ter the insurance plan is a real cost-saver. John R. Swartz Wil­mot, N.H.

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