Ranked by to­tal board ac­tions in 2010

Modern Healthcare - - By The Numbers - Source: Fed­er­a­tion of State Med­i­cal Boards’ Summary of 2010 Board Ac­tions

1To­tal num­ber of li­censed physi­cians within the state. 2To­tal ac­tions data are from the New York State Of­fice of Pro­fes­sional Med­i­cal Con­duct; to­tal physi­cians count is from that of­fice and the New York State Board for Medicine. 3Data rep­re­sent fig­ures from the New Mex­ico Med­i­cal Board; the New Mex­ico Board of Os­teo­pathic Med­i­cal Ex­am­in­ers did not re­port 2010 fig­ures. Note: To­tal board ac­tions in­clude loss of li­cense or li­censed priv­i­lege; re­stric­tion of li­cense or li­censed priv­i­lege; other prej­u­di­cial ac­tions; and non­prej­u­di­cial ac­tions.

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