Did they earn it?

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Iwas dis­mayed learn­ing about this “doc­tor of nurs­ing” ti­tle. It’s OK to have wish­ful think­ing, but to act on it is bor­der­line insanity at best and de­ceit­ful in­tent at its worst.

If one likes to be a doc­tor, it’s as sim­ple as go­ing to med­i­cal school and gain­ing the knowl­edge. Only when you earn your knowl­edge is it worth hav­ing as a ti­tle in front of your name. Why this back-door ap­proach? It clearly shows how in­se­cure and in­suf­fi­cient nurs­ing pro­fes­sion­als must be feel­ing at this time.

Nurs­ing is a highly dig­ni­fied pro­fes­sion. We sin­cerely hope com­mon sense pre­vails. Dr. Har­avu Lokesh Palm Har­bor, Fla.

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